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Wednesday, 19 October 2005

James Evans and TriRock Films have discovered a hilarious new talent in Michael Q. Schmidt

/UCWE/ - With what will likely join surreal cult classics, such as "Eraserhead", and "Rocky Horror Picture Show", TriRock Films and James Evans release their latest film, "Huge Naked Guy". Directed by James Evans ("General Hospital," "The Jimmy Kimmel Show," "War Of Gene," etc.), and starring rising character actor Michael Q. Schmidt (Comedy Central's "Distraction," "A Happy Ending," "Skeletons In The Closet," etc.), the plot follows the outrageous manipulation and backstabbing in a world of corruption and illicit sex in the massage industry. Coming immediately upon the release of his well received film, "A Happy Ending," acclaimed actor and director James Evans brings us this little gem, co-written with Michael Q. Schmidt. Not in recent memory, has nudity been so absolutely hysterical. Schmidt displays a rare sense of courage as he shows the world he is not afraid to share all of his "flaws."

Among those who reviewed this film, movie critic Leon King reported that, "James Evans does for artistic nudity what Hitler did to Poland." When recently asked about his motivation in making this particular film, Evans explained that when he met Michael Q. Schmidt, he decided that this guy was a "...walking and breathing comedy... a laughable anecdote just waiting to be captured on film. The first time I saw this guy's picture, I screamed, 'Oh My God!' I was in fear, yet I couldn't stop laughing."

Already known throughout the Southern California area for his work as an art model, Michael has been building a name for himself as a character actor. He's now gaining popularity with a comedic dance act at the Steve Allen Theater's "Cabaret Voltaire" and the "M-Bar", both in Hollywood. Not since "The Full Monty", has someone invited so many laughs at their own expense. When asked about his willingness to share so outrageously for an audience, Michael replied, "If it were not for the human race wearing clothes, we'd be too busy laughing our heads off to do anything else. God has a sense of humor." Michael has appeared in commercials, television shows, music videos, and numerous films. Keeping busy, he's currently working on "High Low", TriRock's television pilot. He'll bring his odd sense of humor to portray the character Morty, a strange and often abused owner of a bowling alley.

If Steven Spielberg had discovered Michael before filming E.T., that film might have become a Close Encounter of a whole different sort. What the future holds for this John Candy / Chris Farley type of actor will definitely be an all-you-can-eat buffet of hilarity.


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