Catch Michelle Will Showcase Fall Winter 2016 at New York Fashion Week

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NEW YORK, NY – Catch Michelle announced the strategic decision to present the new Fall Winter 2016/2017 Collection for women in New York City during New York Fashion Week in February 16th, 2016 through Art Hearts Fashion Platform with a wonderful presentation at Angel Orensanz Foundation Event Space, 172 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002.

The objectives of the new strategy are to encourage the growth of the brand on the international territory and to show in a new way the links between fashion, art and design through new methodologies and creative processes.

Mihaela Teleaga Designer will remain tied to the London scene and will continue to represent the highest cultural values ​​of fashion and promote a unique style in the construction and design of the leaders, showing a decidedly provocative creativity, as demonstrated with her last Spring Summer 2016, “Dream Seller” on the catwalks of Paris, during Paris Fashion Week.

Mihaela Teleaga’s curious mind is reflected in her collections women, which are influenced by surrealism movements. Her dreams where Sigmund Freud were therapy for all her negative feelings, are a continuous source of inspiration for his avantgarde creations. Like Sigmund Freud said: ‘’I go for my instinct, reality and morality.’’

Hysteria it s a strong point for Catch Michelle’s concept inspired from real illness human cases and the ego’s goal is to satisfy the fashion and art’s victims. The art of sexual pleasure is a strong theme for Catch Michelle, inspired by paintings that represent a dream with a symbolic meaning based on real life. Catch Michelle transforms the dreams into real facts through the transposition of the operas on the fabric prints.
“Dream walker” collection has a strong pastels colours palette for Fall Winter 2016/2017, combining them with innovative patterns but keeping a quite line in mood to understand the concept. Catch Michelle connects all the world inspired by religions and universal symbols seen in the designer’s dreams.

Mihaela Teleaga Designer has a story to say and to show to this world, her night dreams that complete her day dreams. Sigmund Freud has the most important role on her dreams, communicates with her strongest desires and bring them to reality for following them. The paintings and the ideas are very strong with a great theme behind. The fabrics used for the Fall Winter 2016/2017 Collection are natural fibres as wool, cotton, silk, leather but also combined with other fine fabrics.

All the gold accessories are personalized with the official logo Catch Michelle.

Mihaela Teleaga Fashion Designer

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