Feature Film “Accidental Babe” to Release After Two Decades

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DENVER, CO – Accidental Babe’ is a fictional and satirical comedy, which was filmed in 1993, about Henry Hole, a person who accidentally undergoes a sex change operation. Writer and Director Jose L. Torres, AKA Durango Savage, of Savage Services Limited had plans to release the film two decades ago, but did not have enough funds to finish editing it. Now, with new technology and a more open culture to transgender issues, he has finished editing it and it is set to be released on iTunes and Amazon on February 12, 2016.

“Since the release of Final Cut Pro Studio by Apple, I have been able to edit the film in high definition myself, which would have cost over 13 million dollars at the time it was filmed,” said Durango Savage. “The film is much more relevant now than 23 years ago. Two decades ago, people would have cringed at the thought of gender reassignment surgery, but now in the advent of transgender awareness, the conversation has started and Accidental Babe is more acceptable.”

In 1993, ‘Accidental Babe’ was shot in 21 days on 16 mm film. Due to lack of post-production funds, writer and director Durango Savage was unable to finish the movie. Without the support of a distribution deal, the director had to shelve the film. For the last five years, he has spent thousands of hours editing it and it is now ready in HD and 5.1 surround sound. The film offers a nostalgic look, while exploring current LGBT themes.

The protagonist in the story, Henry, returns home, after leaving five years prior in disgrace. The new change she undergoes brings up heartache and questions about faith and destiny as she tries to make it in her small conservative town. Viewers are sure to laugh as they watch Henry accept the loss of his manhood, become a lesbian and learn how to behave like a lady.

A trailer of the movie can be viewed on YouTube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ibr2bPkS0E

About Savage Services Limited:
Founded in Denver, Savage Services Limited is a film and video production company. Founder Jose L. Torres, aka Durango Savage, has produced the feature film, ‘Accidental Babe,’ and the music video, ‘One Ton Tomato.’ Visit http://www.accidentalbabemovie.com to view the new website for more information about the feature film.