Interview with Actress Lorraine Ziff

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Talented actress Lorraine Ziff took the time to speak with UCW Radio Show host Louis Velazquez at the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors. She touched on her upcoming film projects and more.

She has many new film projects underway so you will want to keep tabs on her as she moves up the Hollywood ladder.

About Lorraine Ziff

Lorraine was born in the Bronx, New York and has been involved with theater since her days in Junior High. She graduated Marymount College with a B. A. Double Degree in Theatre and Communications with a concentration in Journalism. During college, she began her acting career with bit parts in movies such as The Muppets Take Manhattan (where she met her future husband) and television shows such as L. A. Law. Upon graduation, she won the Actor’s Award. She appeared in television shows such as Burn Notice, and films which span many genre, such as “Goldberg, P.I.”, (comedy), “Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn”, (crime), “Mansion of Blood”, (horror), “Treachery” (drama), “Six Gun Savior” (supernatural western)and many commercials, often as the spokesperson.

Lorraine attended law school, had a paralegal business then attended graduate school and obtained her M.S.W. from Fordham University, NY. She worked in a school as a School Social Worker and had a psychotherapist business as well as owned and operated a real estate investment/property management business. She has been very involved in fund raising for cancer research and has been named a “Cancer Research Angel” on more than one occasion through various organizations. Throughout it all, she continued to take acting, vocal and voice over performance classes to hone her craft. She has been in many stage productions as well as film productions, television shows and commercials. Lorraine’s rich experiences outside of the acting world have made her very familiar with terms, situations and conditions in various businesses, and enable her to bring true depth to her acting and voice over performances. In addition, she continues to expand her role to that of Producer. She splits her time between New York, California and Florida. She is married to Laurence (Larry) Ziff and has two sons, Adam and Matthew.

Lorraine’s life has truly come full circle as, more recently, she has considered herself very fortunate to work on movies with her son, Matthew Ziff, who is also an actor. Both he and Lorraine are members of SAG-AFTRA, AEA and GIAA.


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