MCN Healthcare Announces New Head of Sales and Marketing Efforts

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DENVER, CO – Today, MCN Healthcare announced that Ryan Krull will head Sales and Marketing efforts for MCN’s ellucid® Policy Manager, Policy Library,StayAlert!®, and Learning Management System. “I am very happy with the decision and extremely excited to contribute and improve the visibility of our current and future software products.” said Ryan.

Ryan has been employed at MCN Healthcare for 5 years and joins Amy Kavalec (Director of Customer Experience & Operations), Elly Zervoudakis (International Business Development Manager), Joyce Paich (Director of Content Development) and Anne Sand (IT Manager) on MCN Healthcare’s Leadership Team.

ABOUT MCN Healthcare – Clinician founded, Clinician Led
MCN Healthcare is an innovative provider of policy management software, customizable template policies and procedures, email regulatory notifications and a learning management system that are all developed specifically for the needs of healthcare professionals by experienced healthcare professionals.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations, Including Policy Management Software, Policy Library Templates, StayAlert! – Regulatory Alert System, and Learning Management System

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