SmartMetric The Manufacturer of the Fingerprint Activated Credit Card Announces It Has Now Manufacturing Capacity of 1 Million Cards per Month

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/UCW/ LAS VEGAS, NV – SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) SmartMetric has now the capacity to manufacture 1 million cards per month of its biometric cards with its built in fingerprint reader.

We are delighted we now have in place the capacity to manufacture 1 million cards per month with the added ability to increase substantially this volume as we move forward with our sales and marketing of our leading biometric payments card. After discussions with credit card issuing Banks we realized we needed to have in place this level of capacity to support a role out of our cards to their customer base, said today SmartMetric’s President & CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

SmartMetric has created the world’s first fingerprint activated payments card that uses a SmartMetic miniature fingerprint scanner that is used to identify the card user and then turns on the card prior to it being used at an ATM or retail card reader. We know of another company in Europe that has publicly stated that they have created a fingerprint activated card but they have also stated they are still working on its technology and they do not have a working biometric fingerprint payments card that is the size of a standard credit card.

It has taken SmartMetric over ten years of research and development to create the individual components and technology of a size thin enough to fit inside a credit card. Even the circuit board we have created to mount the fingerprint scanners components is cutting edge in its thinness. Also our cards internal battery is a rechargeable battery managed by a complex power management system. We have also developed our own internal operating system that is used to manage the functions of our Cortex processor that gives us the ability to develop a wide range of additional card functions for our card issuing Banks and their customers, said Chaya Hendrick.

SmartMetric is now in talks with card issuing Banks in North America and Europe and will be soon introducing its card to Banks in South East Asia. The SmartMetric biometric card is built to work with EMV chip cards and readers that are in globally. It is reported that there are now more than 3.4 billion EMV chip cards issued and use around the world.

About SmartMetric: SmartMetric has created a safer and better user validation and identification technology for payment and identity cards using a person’s individual and unique biometrics to validate and identify the card user. The company has created a super miniature fully functional powerful fingerprint scanner that fits inside a payments card as well as identity and secure log on cards. Using an internal Cortex processor built in the card the SmartMetric biometric card scans, reads and matches a person’s fingerprint in less than 0.25 seconds. The card’s internal scanner is powered by a rechargeable battery developed by SmartMetric and also embedded inside the payments and identity card. SmartMetric is a publicly traded fully reporting company on the United States OTCQB exchange.

To view a video of the SmartMetric biometric chip card follow this link – To view the company website:

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