RockTape’s at the Arnold. Come chat!

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rocktape/UCW/ COLUMBUS, OHIO – What do Brian Shaw, Ashley Horner and Mike Ferrantelli all have in common? They all love us 🙂 . Come get taped at Booth 619 @ the Arnold! (Mar 4-6, 2016)
Who the heck are we?
We are a movement company specializing in kinesiology tape, pain-relieving lotions/potions, protective gear and mobility tools.
What’s our story?
You can’t get enough compliments, right? We receive them daily.
People who’ve been injured. From car accidents, to horseback riding, and the gym. Olympic athletes to soccer moms. It’s sometimes overwhelming, the stories. Debilitating pain. Terrible diagnoses. “You’ll never run/bike/swim/lift again,” they’ve heard.
Hell, we’ve heard it. Everyone in our office has a story. A bad cycling fall. A blown-out back. Sprains. Bruises. That’s why we do what we do.
We believe recovery is more than painkillers or injections. We believe through movement, mobility, and stability you can heal yourself.
Our tape is the best in the world. There’s no question. Ditto for our lotions & potions, and our joint products. But it’s more than what we sell.
It’s what we live. It’s our incredible network of educators and doctors. It’s athletes.
It’s people like you. So join us in staying fit, healthy and pain-free. We’ll be there when you need us.
Come chat with us!
We’re booking press appointments now!
Contact Olivia B at [email protected] or 916.505.4730.

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