Accumen, Inc. Acquires Chi Solutions for Continued Growth and Profound Impact on Healthcare

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/UCW/ SAN DIEGO, CA – Jeff Osborne, President and CEO of Accumen, a healthcare transformation company, has announced Accumen’s acquisition of Ann Arbor-based Chi Solutions, Inc. (Chi), joining two best-in-class laboratory service companies to transform patient care for hospitals and health systems.

Combining the country’s best laboratory talent and creating the nation’s leading lab transformation, consulting and outreach performance company, the acquisition now makes Accumen one of the largest companies in the industry focused on improving the speed, accuracy and efficiency of laboratories across the US that are challenged by today’s healthcare climate.

Dr. Kathleen Murphy, CEO of Chi, which was founded in 1983, has held leadership roles in Chi for more than 22 years. Under her leadership, and with passion for the laboratory industry as a strategic and critical component of the patient care continuum, Chi has helped health systems navigate decades of laboratory change and opportunity. Chi will continue to focus on the untapped value in hospital and health system laboratories, and now – with Accumen – will also be a partner for end-to-end success.

“I am excited that, together, Chi and Accumen bring a new level of capacity and capability to laboratories across the US to accelerate breakthrough performance. With healthcare payment and delivery reform continuing to drive value-based healthcare, Accumen and Chi are well positioned to meet the needs and opportunities in the laboratory using proven results and successful partnership models” said Osborne.

“Accumen’s acquisition of Chi represents the classic story of ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ Over my 22 years with Chi, the company has transformed through several iterations. At no time in our history has a partnership been as complimentary, as transformative, or as powerful as the combination of Accumen and Chi. This power translates to more value for our clients, better opportunity for our employees, and the creation of best-in-class provider for our industry” says Murphy.

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