Free Delivery Deal Makes It Big Among the Mobile Users According to the Recent Statistics

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/UCW/ CENTRAL LONDON, UK – According to the statistics of last year for the same period there was only 35% of the population coming on the website using its smartphones. However, according to the recent statistics done for the same period this year the total population of mobile users on the website is now 65%. This means there has been a 30% increase in the number of mobile users on the website in just one year. This is a great achievement not only for Free Delivery Deal but for any business that opens online.

A big reason why people are moving to mobile shopping on the website is how the website has been designed. While it is a perfect website for desktop users, the mobile experience is even better on the website because visitors get to see what they are on the website for – discount deals and offers. Little vertical scrolling with the tip of a finger is all a user needs to browse through the hundreds of great discount codes and coupons available on the website.

It’s great news for the website since it is already in competition with some greatly famous websites in the UK offering the same services. However, in the past year the performance from Free Delivery Deal has been great as more and more people have felt that they will find better and more deals on the website than they will on any other similar website.

The authorities at Free Delivery Deal have paid great attention to how users feel on their website and this is why they have come up with a website that is now gaining great exposure in mobile users. A button located on the top right hand corner of the website as someone browses on it through a mobile device gives access to different categories of discount offers and also the information about latest sales so people can know what’s in and what not.

One more thing that has gained Free Delivery Deal so much popularity among mobile users is how it furnishes the most important details about various deals right on the front. Their visitors don’t have to guess when the offers end since every coupon code has this information on it as to when an offer will end. Since the website is updated frequently, an offer shows “expire” message as soon as it has expired. Thus, there are no ugly and unpleasant surprises for shoppers on the website.

Christmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving etc. are the special occasions when Free Delivery Deal really shines. These are the occasions when some of the most amazing discounts are furnished on the websites to make shopping a great and affordable experience for all customers.
Another thing that makes Free Delivery Deal unique among other websites offering discounts and free deliveries is that it hosts discounts and special offers on a great number of products. A customer would not want to visit 10 different websites to get discounts on 10 different products. With Free Delivery Deal all the items with their discounts are available in one place. From apparel and perfumes to softwares and other electronic gadgets, everything is available on the website with great discounts.

About Free Delivery Deal is an online one-stop shop for all kinds of discounts available from small and big retailers of the country. The website hosts a great number of discounts coming from various retailers and makes it easy for people to do affordable shopping for their normal days and special occasions. Almost all types of items with discounts are available on the website from wearables to softwares. Just recently, the website has started to gain unprecedented popularity with its mobile users and it has reported a 30% increase in its mobile users from last year.

Since we take it as a mission to make shopping affordable for customers, we have not kept our services limited to one place. Free Delivery Deal has multiple websites, namely (for US customers) and free shipping coupon (for Canada), to provide the best deals from retailers to all parts of the world. We hope to grow with time and offer the best available discounts and free delivery deals all around the world in the coming times.


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