Changes How and Where People Grow Food

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Start Growing Food/UCW/ VANCOUVER, BC – “It’s time to re-connect people with affordable food they can trust by challenging how and where we grow food.” Margaret Dron, founder of
With increasing urban sprawl, society is experiencing a shift in the way people eat and live. The growing desire to eat local, organic food is increasingly challenging to meet considering the reduction of available agricultural land, and increased use chemicals and genetic modification in commercial food production.

According to a report by the National Gardening Association of America, Community Gardening is up 200% over the past 5 years, and 48% of gardeners grow food. Consumers are looking for alternatives to rising retail prices, and growing their own is an affordable, sustainable, and fulfilling solution.

“Research showed that the primary reason people choose not to grow food was simply not knowing where to start. They’d love to, they think about it often, but then they freeze as the variety of information found online can be really over whelming. Using smart technology, we’re eliminating the guess work and hopefully then also the hesitation towards growing food. is free because it’s important make growing food as accessible, and easy as possible,” says Dron.

Even if users don’t have a backyard, or any gardening experience, their special formula is designed to turn even as little as a 6 square foot balcony into over 50 lbs of food. That’s $400 worth of fresh, organic food, for only $8 worth of seeds. “It’s all about effective space and crop planning” says Dron, and’s technology combines the precision of science with the passion of people to create free plans optimized for food production. It takes into account companion and adversary plants, multiple planter styles, growing zones, and individual plant needs, taking the guess work out of growing food for beginners so users don’t have to think about it.

About the Founder
After 11 years of working within the technology sector, Margaret decided to develop a series of expo’s and conference focused on helping those living with dietary restrictions improve their health. This lead to the successful creation of the Specialty Food Expo + Conference, as well as the Gluten Free Expo. It was through these vibrant communities that Margaret discovered how disconnected people where feeling from the food that nurtured them. For this reason, she committed to donating her time, resources, and passion for technology and sustainable urban agriculture to create Her goal being simple, to use technology to make urban micro farming accessible and successful for gardeners of all knowledge levels and environments.

Giddy over the amount of food growing on my wee little balcony. Herbs, and greens, and beets, oh my! ❤ @lifespacegardens ❤

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