“Summer Star 2015!” Event June 25, 2016 Next Event in Rebecca Hall Gruyter’s “Women’s Empowerment 2016 Series”

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/UCW/ HAYWARD, CA – Rebecca Hall Gruyter, founder or “Your Purpose Driven Practice,” is the creating force behind her “Women’s Empowerment Series,” which has become a community of energetic, inspiring women from all walks of life and businesses. Her upcoming all-day event on Saturday, June 25, 2016 is entitled, “Summer Star 2016!” and will be held in Dublin, California. Deadline to register is June 19th!

The speakers at this event are:

Rebecca Hall Gruyter will speak on “Come Out of Hiding and SHINE!” She will share how to step into the center stage of one’s life, be seen, serve and SHINE! Attendees will discover how to stop being the best kept secret and share their brilliance with the world. Rebecca will help attendees come out of hiding, be seen and truly become a star – not just a supporting character – in their life.

Nichole Peters will present “How to Create Rock-Star Funding for Your Business and Stand Out!” Many gifted people never start a business because of MONEY. Nichole will break down into three simple steps how to get that funding to launch those dreams and make them a reality so one can stand out as the rocking star they truly are.

Sumaya O’Grady is “Calling All Divine Messengers: It’s Your Time to Shine!” Her presentation will invite listeners to question whether they have an inner calling from deep within, to share their gift or message with the world. The time is now, and Sumaya is here to help.

Jill Lublin addresses “Radical Influence – Help You Reach Your Goals Faster.” Having Radical Influence helps people stand out, be seen, and be seen life never before. When one has Radical Influence, people listen to you, respect you, care about you, and take one’s message to heart. Learn the dynamics of this life and business changing inner power.

Next is Julie Anderson speaking about “Step Into Your Power. Rock Your Natural Gifts!” Many women are frustrated they are not achieving the level of success in life that they deserve, which may be due to not owning their power and disguising their natural gifts. Julie “The Brain Lady” will reveal how scientific research on the brain helps explain that each individual possesses natural strengths, yet due to external pressures and internal self-doubts, those natural strengths often are suppressed, hidden or shamed out of expression.

Finally, Kimi Avary brings “3 Keys to Being a Star in Love and Beyond” where she explains how 80-90% of relationship problems stem from misunderstandings of how masculine and feminine dynamics play out both personally and professionally. Learn what to do to attract and radiate love, and how to be a Star in Love and Beyond.

Attendees to “Summer Star 2016!” will also enjoy a delicious catered lunch while connecting with friends old and new, as well as access to a free chair massage and mini spa treatment, plus much more. The number one goal of the day is to leave participants feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and empowered to take their life and business to the next level.

Registration closes June 19th, so contact Rebecca Hall Gruyter to register and for additional event details, and speaker information at (925) 787-1572 or [email protected]

What People are Saying:

“I learned to look at my business in different ways and to stretch my thoughts in new and exciting ways. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.”

Cheryl Duncan, Owner of a Private Practice in Financial Services

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