LIG Assets, Inc. Assembles Experienced Management Team and Advisory Board

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/UCW/ DALLAS, TX –┬áLIG Assets, Inc. (OTCPK: LIGA) [stock symbol=”LIGA”] announces more detailed information and transparency concerning its Management and Advisory Board. In an effort to resolve previous conflicts, attract new value added business, and generate consistent and predictable profits, the Company has assembled an experienced team. Currently, the Board of Directors is represented by new President Charles Gambino and existing CEO Kenneth Wiedrich. The new Advisory Board is represented by Aric Simons, Richard Barber, and Adam Good. As seen below in the following bios, our team blends veteran experience from a variety of industries that include real estate, entertainment, finance, accounting, and legal. Additionally, as a follow up to Monday’s announcement, LIG Assets, Inc. is now officially listed as OTC Pink Current Information with OTC Markets.

Charles Gambino gained national prominence as a highly successful turnaround expert and Operations Manager for some of the film industry’s biggest names over the past 30 years including such notable companies as Panavision, Panavision Hollywood, General Camera NY, Cinepro, Image Devices International, Armanda Costanza Inc., and Production Services Atlanta/Nashville. Charles has held most senior positions pertaining to corporate and film operations. Charles’ unique style and system has allowed expedited development of corporate structure and operations, work flow, revenues and dramatically increased profitability – usually in less than a year while simultaneously developing new business opportunities creating new revenue streams further increasing each company’s potential and profitability. His unusually high success rate of dramatically increasing revenues and profits for the companies he has worked for over the years have earned him the nickname, “Midas Man” among industry associates and competitors alike.

Kenneth Wiedrich has extensive hands-on experience in management, operational accounting, reporting for public companies, finance functions and in dealing with Board of Directors, banks, attorneys, audit firms and the SEC. His areas of expertise include: financial & strategic planning, accounting & financial operations, budgets, development & management, business startups & expansions, staff management & development and public company accounting & reporting. Ken also has experience with government cost accounting methods and all related government acquisition regulations. Ken is the Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Board of Directors at Evans Brewing Co., Inc. Some previous experience includes Chief Financial Officer & Secretary of CLX Investment Co., Inc., Chief Financial Officer & Secretary of GTREX Capital, Inc., Chief Financial Officer & Secretary of S3 Investment Co., Inc., Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer of League Now Holdings Corp., which became NYBD HOLDINGS, INC, which in turn became Pleasant Kids, Inc., which finally became Next Group Holdings, Inc., and Controller of Javelin Advisory Group, Inc.

Aric Simons is an attorney / partner with the law firm of Robinson & Simons E.P. specializing in real estate and entertainment law. More specifically, Aric has focused his practice for the past 27 years on entertainment industry licensing, concert production/promotion, copyright protection, mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation and contract law. Aric represented the State of Illinois legislative delegation and co-drafted legislation for Digital Rights Management and drafted Amicus Brief for non-interactive license litigation. He represented the Italian Consulate in Chicago for international transactions and served as legal counsel to the Illinois House Majority Chief of Staff. Aric also serves as a Board Member and counsel to Rock for Kids a (Jam Productions/WXRT sponsored), a charitable organization providing Music Education to youth in under-served neighborhoods since 2006. Aric received a Juris Doctor from DePaul University in 1988 and was admitted to the Illinois State Bar to practice law in November of that year.

Richard Barber is a senior level finance executive and corporate officer with extensive experience in financial reporting, profit management, regulatory reporting, cost accounting, due diligence, forecasting, and reconciliation. He maintains an established record of managing strategic change and delivering bottom-line results across multiple financial and corporate functions. Previous experience includes head of Special Projects and Profit Improvement at Penson Financial, CEO/CFO at Computer Clearing Services, CFO at Bank of America Investment Services, Inc., Controller/ VP of Operations at J.P. Morgan, and Senior Auditor at Ernst & Young. Rich has an M.B.A. in Finance from Columbia University and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Notre Dame.

Adam Good joins the Advisory Board with over 15 years of experience in business / real estate development, product design, and strategic M&A’s. During this time, Adam has been involved in streamlining operations for various multi-million dollar companies and family organizations. He has effectively blended innovation with operations for companies and industry leaders to meet the triple bottom line, maximizing profit while minimizing cost and waste.

About LIG Assets, Inc.

LIG Assets, Inc. is a Company focused on residential and commercial real estate acquisition and development as well as expansion into other sectors via acquisitions, mergers and joint venture partnerships. LIG Assets, Inc. trades on the pink sheets under the ticker symbol “LIGA”. For additional information, please visit LIG Assets current corporate website and/or sign up for the Company’s free shareholder newsletter created to keep shareholders and the investment community updated about the Company’s current and future developments. LIG Assets plans to debut its new official corporate website and domain in the very near future:

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