Dr. Andrew Campbell Answers Puzzling Medical Questions at the 24th Annual World Congress On Anti-Aging Medicine, “Where All The Pieces Come Together.”

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/UCW/ LAS VEGAS, NV –Ā Dr. Andrew Campbell, the twelve-time award winner for excellence in health care and the treatment of patients, will be lecturing at the 24th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine entitled, “Where All The Pieces Come Together” on December 9-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Previously Board Certified in Family Medicine, Geriatrics, and Forensic Medicine, with over 80 peer-reviewed articles published, Dr. Campbell has transitioned to focus on holistic and naturopathic lifestyles. His upcoming presentation at the A4M conference in Las Vegas only comes after speaking at the InnoVision conference in Scottsdale, Arizona entitled “Inflammation: Cooling The Heat,” serving as Program Chairman and featured lecturer at the Innovision conference entitled, “Gut-Brain Relationship” in Marina del Rey, California, and at Lifestyle Medicine 2016 “Healthy People Healthy Planet” in Naples, Florida.

In late July, he released his newest book,”Inflammation: The Key to Longevity-An Expert’s Guide To Fighting Inflammation” a work that has grown from his four-decade career in the medical field. Here Dr. Campbell explains how many “medical mysteries” can be solved by simply altering the way that we live; from the foods we eat to the detergents that we buy.

Along with many other top industry leaders, Dr. Campbell will continue to carry on his personal mission of putting the care back in healthcare by educating attendees on the body’s need to lower the acidity of the blood to ward off heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. When asked why people have not heard more about this, Dr. Campbell said, “I am not beholden to insurance companies or big pharma. I have zero personal agenda. I’m out to speak the truth and bring you the facts.” This engagement will be an unforgettable and life changing event. For more information on Dr. Andrew Campbell, check out his new website, www.drandrewcampbell.com.

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