PHI Group Acquires Intellectual Properties for Premium Organic Farming Technologies

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/UCW/ NEW YORK, NY – PHI Group, a U.S. diversified holding company focusing on acquisitions and investments in special situations (; (OTCMarkets:[stock symbol=”PHIL”] ), has signed an agreement with Mr. Van M. Pham, an expert in immunology, microbiology, agricultural nutrients and breeding, to secure intellectual properties for application of proprietary natural immune and symbiotic microbe systems in premium organic husbandry.

According to the signed Intellectual Property Contribution and Assignment Agreement, Mr. Pham has contributed and assigned to PHI Group the entire rights, title and interest in all the Intellectual Properties that Mr. Pham has developed and continues to develop, with respect to proprietary formulations of natural immune and symbiotic microbe systems that can be customized for agriculture such as raising premium organic poultry, cattle, and other livestock and cultivating plants, medicinal herbs, and other products without using antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

Mr. Pham received his training in Europe under the auspices of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and served as an agricultural specialist under the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development of Vietnam for 17 years. He has successfully applied proprietary natural immune and symbiotic microbe systems for poultry, livestock, aquacultural products and various agricultural crops without the use of antibiotics, vaccines, synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides or disinfectants, thus being able to produce premium organic, healthy food products that can greatly improve human health.

Together with Henry Fahman, CEO of PHI Group, Mr. Pham recently visited the farm in Holmes County, Florida that the Company is in the process of acquiring in order to assess the soil and water for the next planting season. We plan to focus first on growing several specialty medicinal plants and fruits, aiming to meet orders of approximately $45 million from prospective customers in Asia. In addition, we also raise premium organic poultry and other livestock to generate imminent cash flows and develop a model farming program without antibiotics and chemicals that can be replicated and licensed to farmers worldwide.

Mr. Pham said: “I am delighted to work with PHI Group to advance our premium organic husbandry program and provide the best organic crops and livestock that humans can consume, thereby dramatically improving human health and longevity.”

“We look forward to sharing our premium organic farming results in Florida and the benefits of our technologies with other farmers in the very near future,” Mr. Pham added.

About PHI Group

Founded in 1982, PHI Group primarily focuses on acquisitions as a principal and invests in special situations in big, growing markets that may substantially enhance shareholder value.

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Henry Fahman
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Source: PHI Group, Inc.

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