Los Angeles based Google™ Partner, Geoklix.com, Updates Website To Give Visitors Exceptional User Experience

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/UCW/ LOS ANGELES, CA – Geoklix, a Google™ Partner, is the go-to digital marketing agency for businesses that require tailored digital marketing solutions, launches its updated website that showcases its commitment to a great user experience. The Geoklix team understands that relationships drive initial interest, sales and long-term growth for companies, and their organization is no exception. Since the majority of the marketing agency’s potential and actual customers get their first impressions of the company by viewing its website, Geoklix recently transformed its site for improved engagement using the latest techniques in user experience (UX) design.

The upgraded Geoklix website presents an uncluttered, yet comprehensive summary of the company’s service offerings that include building and managing paid search, Google AdWords, Shopping PLAs and remarketing campaigns. An engaging slide-show highlights some of its key services’ benefits. Geoklix recently broadened its offerings, and easy-to-navigate, drop-down menus allow visitors to drill down for more details about them. The new Geoklix website, which facilitates more intuitive and fluid customer interactions with the company, is a model for successful user experience design. The site is also a compelling advertisement for the high-quality digital marketing services that clients can expect from Geoklix.

Great user experience design does not just happen; it is built. Geoklix employs data-driven methods for clients’ AdWords Ads, YouTube ads, Gmail ads, local SEO and conversion optimization campaigns. Subsequently, it makes perfect sense for the company to use data to transform its own website to meet the needs of its ideal customer. According to Dan Schwabel, a contributing author for Forbes, a survey of Millennial consumers found that “42% said they are interested in helping companies develop future products and services.” These statistics were not lost on Geoklix. The company used feedback derived from a Google Consumer Survey campaign to allow its clients and site visitors to co-create its website’s new look and feel.

About Geoklix
Geoklix is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency that was founded in 2012 by Arthur Yeranosyan to help local companies establish and grow their organizations via the Web. Arthur and his team have over 18 years of experience managing digital marketing campaigns that include activities such as paid search, local SEO, remarketing, display, programmatic, youtube web analytics and reporting. Over the years, Geoklix has grown with its clients by maintaining knowledge of digital marketing trends and offering customized solutions that are based on proven best practices. The award-winning agency has partnerships with search giants such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo and is a full-service digital marketing agency based out of Beverly Hills, California, that serves local and international clients.

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