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/UCW/ ORLANDO, FL –¬†As a myriad of small and microcap companies embark on a journey to an appropriate valuation, savvy investors know that post facto analysis on the success stories will often include those who could carve out a stake in massive growth markets. It’s not seminal thinking at all, but this truism is often overlooked by companies, and subsequently investors, who hope/expect/believe that a service or product can create its own market.

And while there are those select stories of the ones who beat the odds, our calculated focus is on those fishing in the deeper waters, looking to pursue an opportunity in say, a market that is driven by a $200 billion problem.

Enter Lans Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: LAHO) which is making and monetizing through unique technology that enables online sellers to start selling, and buyers to buy with confidence. And while the massive e-commerce industry is a gorilla of epic proportions, it is perhaps the Company’s growing footprint in cyber security within that arena that is the real value proposition. According to a recent article in Forbes, the annual damage from cyber crime is estimated at around $200 billion annually with retail losses accounting for in the neighborhood of $670 million of that massive figure. (Source: )

The report suggests that the $670 million in losses in retail derive from the associated costs related to theft, time loss, identity theft, and more. And it is widely held that these numbers are growing daily.

In a news release from just last week, Lans Holding further widened their footprint in this space, announcing a collaboration with ShopGuarantee, LLC, to launch Guarantee Gateway. ShopGuarantee offers a robust suite of services in an array of verticals and will now align with Lans Holdings’ cyber security instruments including fraud filters and PayCertify which ensures consumers are fully protected in their transactions.

This arrangement, on its face, provides both opportunity and added validity to Lans Holdings’ operations as ShopGuarantee brings Lans’ technology under the hood and simultaneously speaks to another firm in the space wanting to partner-up. One would presume they understand and appreciate the intrinsic value of the Lans Holding core competencies better than most.

It’s momentum for sure in an industry that is growing at an exceptional rate.

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