Success is a Journey, Not The Ultimate Destination: Article 1 by Louis Velazquez

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/UCW/ Its 4am and the Rolling Stones song Sympathy for the Devil chimes through the room, my phone is put on snooze for an extra five minutes just so that I can compose myself mentally for the day. Ok its time to get up and get going, the alarm is shut off and its off to the races, my day begins.

My health is important to me so first and foremost its time to prepare for the gym, I’ve been an athlete all of my life and it’s a part of my lifestyle, its what kicks off my day the way that I need it to. So gym clothes go on, teeth brushed, tea brewing and recently I’m using a pre workout from MyProtein. This is a great company formed by the Hut Group in the UK, no frills and no hype, just good quality products that work. So that goes down the hatch thirty minutes prior to me training, so I have to time my journey so that I get the full benefit, not that I think it does a ton for me but I’m trying it out.

So off to what I believe is one of the best gym franchises in the world, Powerhouse Gym, I love their story and how the founders’ vision is held through via their franchises. It’s a gym for everyone and I come across some awesome people when I get to train there. Now the gym is reached and its time to put the work into my body as that definitely clears and prepares my mind for the day at hand.

Most people , well most average people, would think that I’m insane for getting up at that hour when I could just get an extra 3 hours sleep. It’s that thinking that separates those that know what it takes to succeed and those that are content with the lives that they are leading. See if you don’t push a little further then it’s pretty difficult to see the light beyond the shadow that you cast upon yourself, that is the shadow of doubt and fear.

Success is not something that just comes with ease, yes you may have those that were born into wealth and fame but are they successful in life? That is the question I’ve always asked myself when I started out on Wall Street with not a dime in my pocket meanwhile a bunch of ivy league men and women who came from modest to not so modest means took their opportunities for granted. Perhaps they had a strong advantage and I realized that but the one thing that they would never have over me is that they would never out work me on a daily, monthly or yearly. I would put in 12-16 hours a day to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish and reach my goals. I still do to this day as I am just warming up for the next chapter of my life.

I would never let that shadow of fear eclipse my passion for what I wanted and where I wanted to go. My greatest fear is not working hard for something or failure, my greatest fear has always been not stepping up in the first place, I’ve always bounced back from adversity due to my fear of giving up, shoot I have always stared down adversity and just smiled. Fear is a tool to be used as fuel not as a crutch or excuse for not trying.

If you want something bad enough then you will fight for it, you will see beyond what’s in front of you to what’s beyond you in general and that is powerful. In my eyes success has always been and will always been about how your life is, how you live it and how much good you can do in the world. So let me explain a bit, you can have success in business but be unhappy in your life, you can be happy in your life but never feel fulfilled because you’ve never achieved what you wanted to, see there has to be a balance and driven people understand this concept.

The goal is to live an abundant life and do as much good as you can do for others in the process. You will have naysayers and the nonbelievers, you will have those that want to convince you that money is the devil but in the end without success, without money, well the true broad based good that you can actually do may never come to fruition, so you need to block those thoughts and comments.

Strive for achieving as many goals as you can because there is not just one major goal, goals are just milestones on the path to you writing the story of your life.

This article is a prelude to a book that I am writing outlining some successes, failures, thoughts and ideals that have structure my life, that have put me on the current path that I am on. This journey I do look forward to sharing with everyone and if it motivates one person, inspires just one soul to rise above their circumstances to achieving their personal success then I did my job and it was worth the effort.

So I welcome you to stay in tune to my journey as I continue to write articles and work on my book, you can find me on Twitter @louisvelazquez and on Facebook . You can not only follow me but interact, ask questions and make comments, so bring it on.

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Some say that its better to be lucky than smart but even being lucky takes some work, if you make these habitual…

Posted by Louis Velazquez on Thursday, January 26, 2017



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