NuState Energy Holdings, Inc. Launches New Collaborative Business Model to Attract Acquisitions

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/UCW/ FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – NuState Energy Holdings, Inc. ( [stock symbol=”NSEH”] –OTC US), a green technology holding company with strong emphasis on acquiring, developing, and commercializing “green” energy and technology companies, announces a new collaborative business model that will attract new acquisitions.

NuState will become a holding company for technology and energy solutions providers. We have been evaluating small revenue businesses that fit our overall strategy in this space and are currently working on agreements to bring them in under a collaborative model. New acquisitions become standalone subsidiaries while gaining the advantage of the power of a public company without losing their independent management control. NuState will provide a unique diversified platform protecting both the investor and subsidiary. We provide for our acquisitions, the ability to raise capital and give our investors the assurance their investment is at low risk.

NuState is in the process of interviewing new senior management positions to join the team and help lead the efforts moving forward. Kevin Yates added, “We believe it is important to add new talent to the team that will bring experience and knowledge in this industry, as well as help lead NuState’s growth.”

NuState has continued to support the growth of its Intellectual Property, GPSTrax. The management team, under the guidance of its consulting partner, has collectively decided to expand the capabilities of the software solution to a more diversified market. The transportation market for fleets remains the core of the business today. However, with emergence of low cost devices and our software capabilities, we have the ability to track any asset anywhere. NuState is very excited to launch our new GPSTrax solutions to new markets including corporate assets like tracking containers on cargo ships, marine applications and personal assets such as family members and their personal belongings.

NuState is in the process of re-branding the company and putting its resources into successful Investor Relations and Press Release campaigns to assist in the launch of the new brand.

A consulting firm has recently been hired to assist NSEH in developing this brand for the future growth of the company and to invest 250k to support the plan. They will be responsible for investor relations, marketing communication and social media to the global markets.

The NuState Energy Holdings, Inc. management team has its shareholders’ best interest in mind, and we feel confident in the new plan and the resources behind it.

About NuState Energy Holdings, Inc.:
NuState Energy Holdings, Inc. is a true green technology holding company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. NuState’s management has placed strong emphasis on acquiring, developing, and commercializing efficiency-bolstering software solutions in the automotive industry. For over 15 years, the company has managed a web-based collaborative marketplace for freight transportation and secure trucking. More recently, the company branched out to work on a telematics solution with consumers in mind. The result: GPSTrax, an innovative solution that can turn nearly any passenger vehicle into a smart car, capable of reducing fuel consumption and emissions by learning from and optimizing around driving patterns. The company is currently licensing its technologies abroad, with hopes to expand sales and decrease hazardous vehicular emissions across the globe. Going forward, NuState is committed to “green” energy and technological solutions. Our corporate goal is to make a global impact through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

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