Facebook, Beyond Social Media by Louis Velazquez

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/UCW/ If there is anything that is a constant in life and business its change. There is no standing still as that is a definite suicide note waiting to happen, there is only moving forward or the dreaded moving back. In the world of social media its no different, the only thing that is different are the players.

When Facebook was created it wasn’t developed to chase the money, that was definitely not the motivation, it was to change how people communicate. A concept, an idea, unless executed on really holds no value, this is why I also admire those entrepreneurs that fight hard to execute on their ideas, concepts and dreams.

No matter how you slice it or dice it, Facebook was brought to life by the actions of Mark Zuckerberg. It’s the same as saying Apple was brought to life by the action of Steve Jobs, think about it without his persistence, not just creativity but persistence, there would be no sign of Apple. Same can be said for many companies such as Amazon, Google and Ford, persistence is key.

What makes Facebook interesting is that investors and the general public see Facebook solely as a social media company but you should wake up because it will be much more than that. Connecting the world was part one of the master plan, the next step was monetizing it all. They have done extremely well with that, they dealt with the growing pains of a new advertising platform but they have it down to a science. They have executed nicely on the acquisition front making these assets further connect the world and I’m not sure if it is accretive to date above their acquisition price but they are definitely adding value to the company.

Now lets move forward to what I see, imagine a world connected not only via social media but truly connected via devices in their hands, on their body, in their cars and home. Where municipalities will have access to where people are, what they are doing and their spending habits. That data will be one of the true priced assets for all industries.

Can you imagine that?

It’s not really hard to imagine because it’s something that is happening as we speak. Autonomous vehicles will bring us to the Jetsons era, ever see the 1997 film with Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman and Milla Jovovich “Fifth Element”? if not try to watch is on Netflix or Amazon, you will get a good idea of things to come. Tesla is innovating in the electric car and autonomous vehicle market from cars to fleet trucks, all of this will fall into place sooner than later. The battle will be for the future, at some point you will see Amazon and Facebook dancing in the same circle because their paths will bring them there. Google is there with Amazon but I think that they are or have reached an inflection point in their business, so going head to head with Amazon may not work at this point but that to can change.

So with Facebook, I see them venturing into hardware, collaborating with the likes of Tesla, General Electric and Sears in order to use their products to connect people further. They will develop or collaborate on everything from watches to washing machines at some point. You may be shaking your head right now but save this article and tell me how your head is shaking in the next three years.

The future is ever changing and technology is just warming up, from automotive to infrastructure to modular construction, the world is changing fast and it would be wise to be aware of the companies changing it.

Louis Velazquez



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