Advantis Corp. Finalizes Oregon Contract, Accepts Bitcoin From Some New Customers

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/UCW/ NEWPORT BEACH, CA –¬†ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) finalized the deal with a private cannabis grower in Oregon to supply Amster-Can canning and branding services. Advantis is shipping the original canning equipment to Oregon to fulfill orders at full production capacity. As Advantis grows its client base, it has decided to accept Bitcoin as payment from clients that prefer this mode of payment.

Advantis CEO, Darren Cherry, says he is proud of his team that has finally established the company’s presence in Oregon. “Members of our Board, investors, and our management team have been looking at opportunities in Oregon since cannabis had been legalized for recreational use,” Cherry explained. “Our due diligence has paid off, and we secured the best possible partnership that we could hope for.” The details of the agreement with the private Oregon cultivator include providing on-site staff and equipment to fulfill a 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art horticulture facility, that will produce enough product to match the machine’s canning capacity. “This agreement will double our Amster-Can revenue, almost overnight,” Cherry stated. “And our new partner has agreed to provide the full product line that Advantis represents through its legal dispensary pipeline.” To manufacture the products, Advantis coordinates with its subsidiary in Oregon, Advantis Cannabis, LLC, to comply with all state and local laws and regulations. “This is the largest step we’ve taken toward our national expansion, and our brand name products will soon become a nationally known quality, trusted product. We are very close to finalizing a similar agreement in Las Vegas, so this is an exciting time to be a part of Advantis,” Cherry concluded.

The company recently put its larger canning machine into operation in Southern California, which has freed up the original machine to be sent to different locations to fulfill orders. “I have confidence that we will be able to duplicate our model for success as we further scale our business,” Cherry elaborated. “We are bringing several new clients on-board and are quickly approaching full production capacity here in So Cal. Our outstanding relationship with N2pack, which is key to fueling our mutual expansion, enables our unlimited growth potential; (as) they provide us additional equipment alongside our expansion.” Cherry explained that expanding to different states has become less of a geographic challenge because the company has developed strong personal relationships as they have been establishing themselves. “We’re working with people we trust,” Cherry said. “This allows us to limit the assignment of additional resources. We are able to put one of our trusted canning experts in place to run the equipment, while we further our marketing reach. In essence, while we do the canning, our new partners help with the production of Advantis proprietary products.” Cherry says he expects 2018 to be an exciting year of more rapid expansion.

“While we continue to expand our national reach, our client base is currently growing at the fastest pace ever. Accepting Bitcoin is one of the reasons,” Cherry says. “Since the federal government is slow to respond to banking needs of those in the cannabis industry, some have turned to Bitcoin to store their earnings. We will now be able to accommodate these businesses by accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, just like Amazon, Apple, and Expedia do.” Cherry related that some of the larger cultivators prefer to use Bitcoin to avoid the security issues of transporting large amounts of cash, and they have not felt comfortable with keeping money in a bank until federal laws banking keep up with the speed of changing cannabis state laws. “This is huge. We had previously turned away some clients, but now that we have done sufficient legal and financial research into making Bitcoin payments work, it opens the door to additional business.” Cherry finished his comments by saying to “stay tuned,” as there is another exciting announcement “around the corner.”

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