Pro Football Legends, the Commercial Marketing Arm of the NFL Alumni, Launches Partnership with MYOS RENS Technology Inc. in Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge

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/UCW/ CEDAR KNOLLS, NJ – NFL Alumni, under its commercial marketing arm Pro Football Legends, has announced a partnership with MYOS RENS Technology Inc. (“MYOS” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ: MYOS), a biotherapeutics and bionutrition company and the owner of Fortetropin®, the world’s first all-natural clinically demonstrated myostatin reducer, in support of the NFL Alumni NY/NJ Chapter’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with MYOS RENS Technology Inc.,” said Elvis Gooden, Interim President & CEO of NFL Alumni. “A primary mission of the NFL Alumni is ‘Caring For Our Own’ and with this product our members will be able to participate in the Wellness Challenge and the continued promotion of healthy living.”

The NFL Alumni NY/NJ Chapter’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge is a not-for-profit wellness project, featuring former NFL players. The 90-day challenge will feature teams of former NFL players and military veterans working together with world class medical specialists in a variety of activities designed to improve their individual health. In addition to sponsoring this wellness challenge, MYOS is partnering with the NFL Alumni by providing challenge participants with the opportunity to utilize the Company’s muscle enhancing product Qurr®, powered by Fortetropin®.

Throughout the wellness challenge, the public will be able to follow challenge participants’ journeys to wellness through reality-based web TV documentary series and mass media initiatives that will include important preventive health information and educate the public about wellness. This exciting and educational competition culminates with the ultimate showdown of health and wellness, the Optimal Bowl.

“We are happy to be supporting the NFL Alumni in the Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge, to raise awareness about the importance of muscle health,” said Joseph Mannello, Chief Executive Officer of MYOS. “It’s a proven fact that we start losing lean muscle with each decade of life, beginning at 30 years of age. This is due to many factors, including inactivity, reduced levels of anabolic hormones and inadequate protein intake. Our Qurr® muscle health products contain the groundbreaking ingredient Fortetropin®, the first safe, all-natural myostatin reducing ingredient available, and it is clinically shown to build lean muscle mass and thickness with the proper training. Our partnership with the NFL Alumni fits perfectly within our mission of promoting the benefits of Fortetropin® in a regular exercise regimen, regardless of age or physical condition,” continued Mr. Mannello.

“The NFL Alumni’s mission is to serve, assist and inform our members to enrich their post-NFL lives. A partnership with MYOS, a leader in muscle health technology, aligns with our principal mission of helping our members and their families set the tone for continued healthy lifestyles,” said Bart Oates, former member of the New York Giants, President of the NFL Alumni NY/NJ Chapter and a founder of the Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge.

“We have offered product discounts to all alumni members, member’s families, and affiliates who take the product,” said Mr. Mannello. “At the same time, we have continued our “90-Day Qurr®. Challenge” to the public, where anyone can use the product daily for 90 days, while working out with weights at least twice a week. If they don’t see results after 90 days, we will refund their money back. Simply put, we know the product works, and we will put our money where our mouth is,” Mr. Mannello added.

About The NFL Alumni NY/NJ Chapter’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge
The NFL Alumni’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge features former NFL players in a one of a kind wellness competition, web TV documentary series, special events and wellness campaign designed to educate the public about how they can optimize their health. The not-for-profit project also serves as a fundraiser for youth oriented charities including the TD Foundation, P.A.S.T. Youth Sports Education Programs and others youth charities supported by the NFL Alumni. The web TV series culminates with the ultimate health and wellness showdown, the Optimal Bowl. The goal of the wellness challenge episodes is to strike a perfect balance between being entertaining and informative and feature the participant’s journeys to health and wellness. While focusing on the competition between former NFL players, the wellness series will provide health information and tips to the public as well as motivation for everyone to proactively improve their wellness. The series can be seen on

About NFL Alumni
The NFL Alumni was founded in 1967 and is the most recognizable nationwide group of former NFL players, coaches, staffers, cheerleaders, spouses and Associate members whose mission is to serve, assist and inform former players and their families. The Alumni offers a variety of medical, financial and social programs to help members lead healthy, productive and connected lives, as well as community initiatives under its “Caring for Kids” programs. Pro Football Legends is the commercial marketing name and logo of the NFL Alumni. For more information, please visit

About MYOS RENS Technology Inc.
MYOS RENS Technology (MYOS), “The Muscle Company™”, is a Cedar Knolls, NJ-based biotherapeutics and bionutrition company developing products that improve muscle health and performance and bringing them to market. MYOS is the owner of Fortetropin®, the world’s first clinically demonstrated myostatin reducer. Myostatin is a natural regulatory protein, which inhibits muscle growth. Fortetropin® is a fertilized egg yolk based product manufactured via a proprietary process to retain its biological activity. Fortetropin® has been clinically shown to increase muscle size and lean body mass in conjunction with resistance training. MYOS believes Fortetropin® has the potential to redefine existing standards of physical health and wellness. For more information, please visit

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