The Qualifying Gold Medal Olympians Will Be Awarded Crypto Tokens

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/UCW/ The qualifying Gold medal Olympians will be awarded crypto tokens. Here at Midex we love sports and wish to support the largest sporting events this year.

Midex shall propose an award in MDX tokens to athletes who will win 1st place in major sports events of this year.

The prize pool is 100,000 MDX. Each winner will get 1000 MDX.

“To claim your prize after winning gold medals, please contact us either personally or through the agent. Please be advised that participants must be from countries which legally allow you to use cryptocurrencies and digital cryptographic tokens,” says Eli Tolen, international communication advisor of the Midex.

Please contact us to get your tokens. Athletes will be rewarded from February 10 to March 10.

Midex is an international technology company headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in Estonia. We develop and implement innovations for leading financial infrastructure institutions and companies operating within fast-growing markets. Midex facilitates safe and reliable connections between cryptocurrency and traditional financial infrastructure. In traditional terms, it would be called a ‘financial group’. The main project of Midex is an already operating Demo-Exchange.

We wish you good luck and a strong victory.
For further information about the terms and conditions of this promotional offer please check the rules of the promotional offer available at

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