Micro-Jammers from Cell Detect, Inc. May Be the Answer to Stopping Contraband Cell Phones in Prison

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/UCW/ LOS ANGELES, CA –┬áThe founders of Cell Detect, Inc., are pleased to announce that they have come up with a device that, if approved, can stop the use of contraband cell phones in prison. Thanks to the new and innovative micro-jamming technology, which is part of the Cell Trax solution from Cell Detect, Inc., prisoners will no longer be able to use their phones.

As a spokesperson for Cell Detect, Inc. noted, there are several potential solutions aimed at eliminating illegal cell phone use in prisons and jails, including jamming, which is currently illegal in the United States.

“A prison in Brazil tested jammers and knocked out service to 200,000 nearby residences, so the FCC is reluctant to allow jammers in U.S. prisons,” the spokesperson noted, adding that full-fledged cell phone jammers can also interfere with mobile 9-1-1 calls and public safety communication.

While the FCC considers it a top priority to help with the illegal cell phone problems in prisons, they are concerned about collateral effects of allowing the widespread use of jammers in prisons, the spokesperson for Cell Detect, Inc. noted.

Now, thanks to the Cell Trax solution from Cell Detect, Inc., a “micro-jammer” may win over the FCC and help solve the problem of contraband cell phones in prisons.

The Cell Trax solution by Cell Detect Inc. utilizes an electronic bracelet securely attached to every inmate’s ankle with multiple levels of tamper detection. The detectors are always active, always attached to the prisoner, and always looking for near-field cellular signatures.

When a cell phone signal is detected, the Cell Trax bracelet immediately reports the presence of the cellular signal to a cloud-based computer, which processes the alert and notifies officers of the identity of the unauthorized user in near real time.

“The Cell Detect product has a clever feature called micro-jamming that if enabled, will output a short-range jamming signal to prevent the ‘nearby’ cell phone from working and the signal will not penetrate outside the walls of the prison,” the spokesperson said, adding that his feature is not currently enabled because, as of today, the FCC declares it illegal to jam an RF signal, even a micro-jammer in a prison.

However, there is currently a strong lobby that is asking the FCC to allow legal jamming of cell signals in prisons.

“Cell Detect, who is active in the legalization of the in-prison jamming lobby, believes it will be much easier to convince the FCC to legalize the use of an on-inmate micro-jammer versus a full-prison cellular jammer,” the spokesperson noted.

“Our personal, inmate-body-worn, tamper resistant, Micro-jammer appears to be the perfect solution for both the prison systems as well as for the FCC.”

About Cell Detect, Inc.:

An emerging company called Cell Detect, Inc., has developed a revolutionary system that solves the number one problem facing the corrections industry: Illicit cell phones in prisons and jails. The Cell Trax system detects, reports and eventually jams only those devices that are in close proximity to the inmate and at a fraction of the cost of existing systems. The Leadership team is highly experienced with the technology, has experience launching high tech companies, and has many contacts within the industry. They decided to launch Cell Detect after identifying the critical need in Corrections for a cost-effective means of eradicating contraband cell phones from prisons. For more information, please visit https://celldetect.com/.


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SOURCE: Cell Detect, Inc.