DKG Capital Boldly Expands into Tokenization

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/UCW/ LAS VEGAS, NV – DKG CAPITAL INC. (OTCQB: DKGH). The Board has recently revealed their plans for tapping into the growing and lucrative Asset Tokenization Market (backed up and commonly referred to as blockchain). Blockchain technology is projected to be a trillion-dollar business for those few companies who can successfully trade assets (from real estate, intellectual property, gold, oil, and all manner of commodities) using this type of peer-to-peer ledger technology.

Creating a legal bridge between these two entities (blockchain technology and assets of value) is not an easy task. For this to happen, new legal entities designed around cross-jurisdictional property and tax law would have to be created. A full solution requires an auditable workflow for smart contracts to interface with the trustee managing these legal entities, as well as a crypto economic system for trustworthy asset management.

That is where the DKG Assets Tokenization Solution comes into play. DKG has announced the DKG Assets Tokenization Solution. According to DKG, the project is Asia’s most trusted and secured tokenization solution, allowing investors to securitize and transact real-world assets on blockchains in a legally-enforced, audited, and collateralized manner.

Asset Tokenization to which DKG plans to build upon will be broken down into first creating a Legal / Digital Certificate, then stored in a Digital Certificate Vault and then managed through their Token Management System.

Finally, DKG plans to go a step further and create D Mall, or a digital mall, where the tokenized assets will be bought and traded on their state of the art and highly secured digital platform. Ensuring that DKG and its tokenization technology stand out from the rest.


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SOURCE: DKG Capital Inc.


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