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/UCW/ In this segment of Money Never Sleeps Radio with Louis Velazquez topics talked about are Apple, tariffs, China, Amazon, Cannabis, Cryptocurrency and more.

“Cannabis companies on the rise, its really becoming more widely accepted, after all these years people are just getting used to the idea and that will be good for small and mid level legal cannabis growers and distributors, for those publicly traded companies they will gain interest from the investment community. Private Equity, Investment Banks, Investors in general are hungry for new meat, something to sink their teeth into and this may be one of those meals they can feed from for a while.

The second will be the crypto market, investors need to understand a bit more about what is value and what is just hype. Lets put this in the context of stocks, in the stock market you have your bluechips, you have your value added stocks, you have your true growth and this ranges from the NYSE, NASDAQ and overseas exchanges. The last area is the bulletin board arena, where you would find so much hype for companies that may be pure startups and not have that value that investors were told they have, in other words potential pump and dump scenarios. Not all companies on the bulletin board market are like this, but I’m giving listeners an example so they can understand how the crypto issues need to be looked at.

Its high risk no question, but you have a small handful of crytocurrencies that have significiant value, utility and growth potential, I’ll throw those in the NYSE/NASDAQ column, then you have a vast amount that are just coins with little to no value, no utility and limited growth potential, those are your bulletin board coins, basically super high risk with no long term reward, someone will be left holding the bag at some point.”

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