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/UCW/ In this episode of Money Never Sleeps Radio , Louis Velazquez talks about blockchain technology, the trucker shortage, tariffs on China, cloud computing, cybersecurity and much more.

“So tarriffs on China imports, not all but a good list of imports but a good 5700 Chinese products, will be around 10% now and 25% in 2019, this will not go unanswered thats for sure, so I expect it to come full circle temporarily. China has more to lose than the USA from a trade war, they may win short term but long term the USA wins, they are the biggest buyer of China goods. It will undoubtedly force consumers to spend more if they want certain products and they are not only China made products but any product that is manufactured with any raw material or parts from China.

Believe it or not one of the only companies that will avoid any issues at all is Apple, Tim Cook must’ve lobbied hard to get that deal, from iphones to ipods , no tariffs on Apple goods, unfortunately smaller companies are not that lucky and will potentially suffer a financial blow that they may have a problem overcoming longer term if this continues. Right now the US has imposed 250B of tariffs on Chinese imports with an additional 267B in reserves if China retaliates and guess what they did with $60b in tariffs against us imports to China.”

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