Money Never Sleeps Radio with Louis Velazquez Sept 21, 2018

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/UCW/ In this episode of Money Never Sleeps Radio we touch on e-cigarettes, cannabis, cryptocurrency and more.

“Tobacco was once marketed as the cool thing to do as a teenager in the 50’s and we saw how that worked out leading to today. Now e-cigarettes are being marketed as the cool thing to do for teenagers, even with the ages of 18 and up being clearly marked on the packaging still doesn’t prevent young teens from getting their hands on them. The leader in this arena is JUUL and they are the king of vaping, the problem is that their products are a type of e-cigarette that uses nicotine salts that exist in leaf based tobacco as its key ingredient, since this is a fact then how different is that from regular cigarettes other than the taste and smell, its the same product coming at kids in a different way.

The way I see it is the government has a new battle on their hands and if protecting kids is key then they need to protect them from companies like JUUL. “

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