Tier 1 Event Management Top Performers Attend Vegas R&R

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/UCW/ SACRAMENTO, CA – Travel opportunities are some of the most rewarding aspects of the Tier 1 Event Management culture, and the latest excursion was an R&R event in Las Vegas. There were plenty of chances for select team members to relax and recharge, along with extensive networking potential. Lucia, the firm’s Director of Operations, added that there were also keynote speakers from all corners of the industry to offer uniquely valuable insights.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the R&R event was an award ceremony at which Megan received a top achiever award. She was bestowed this honor because of the dedication she showed while Lucia was away from the Tier 1 Event Management office opening a new location. The Director explained that Megan is a true leader who exhibits an impressive drive to succeed. She continues to set an ideal example for everyone around her.

Megan also had time to reflect on her achievements during the Vegas trip. This time to think about what’s going well is one of the biggest positives of going on R&R retreats. Professionals can gain fresh perspectives when they get out of the office for a few days. The insights they bring back to their jobs can prove to make all the difference in reaching future goals.

Tier 1 Event Management’s Director on Taking the Reins When the Boss Is Away

When Lucia was away from the Tier 1 Event Management home office to open a new division, there was an opportunity for someone to step up. Megan was the standout in this regard, showing her leadership potential in the process.

One of the keys to making a strong impression when the boss is gone is to simply be brave. Making drastic changes isn’t necessary; it’s just important to trust your instincts. Lucia believes good leaders can make decisions quickly and assertively. That was certainly something Megan showed a talent for during Lucia’s absence.

It’s also important for people to enhance their profiles right away if they want to impress when their supervisors are away for a while. Speaking up in meetings is one of the best ways to achieve this. Megan shared her ideas and worked alongside people at all levels when Lucia was opening the new office. She made it clear that advancement is in her future.

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