Google’s 2020 Superbowl Ad Called “Loretta” Will Tug at Your Heart Strings But Also Make You a Bit Concerned

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This years Superbowl commercials were a cornucopia of a lot of things and one of the ones that took the cake came from Google. Its called “Loretta” and geared towards alzheimers it seems, it opens up with the search “How not to forget.”

It tugs at your heart because of the message but at the same time you begin to think , really think, about how much Google knows about you. Technology is a great thing but as with anything where are the lines drawn? Google and Facebook as well as many other social media and big tech companies know more about us than we probably would want, toggling a button on their platform won’t change that.

The bigger issue is this, if you prevent large tech companies in the USA from collecting certain data that can be used for enhancing other services related to government and non-government projects and beyond while companies outside the USA are in full swing of doing exactly that then will that push the USA behind the times? Things to think about but for now watch this heart tugging commercial from Google.

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