MS Aspirants Check Admission Chances in US Universities with GyanDhan’s Profile Evaluation Tool, Saving Time and Effort

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GyanDhan, India’s first and only Abroad Education focused platform launched in 2016, has been making education abroad for aspiring students a hassle-free process with their variety of tools and services. Helping education dreams become a reality is their motto. With their many tools optimizing the education abroad process, it is a one-stop-shop for all applicants. One such tool providing robust and highly functional outcomes is GyanDhan’s Profile Evaluator, which was launched in 2017. There are many Profile Evaluators in the market but GyanDhan’s team with Data Science background made it possible to predict the chances of admission accurately to a great extent, using more than 1.5 lakhs data points in the modelling. This makes GyanDhan’s Profile Evaluation Tool one of its kind running in the market. For students hoping to study abroad, this tool is highly advantageous as it not only categorizes foreign universities in Safe, Moderate and Ambitious schools but also calculates their probability of admission in those schools. Since being launched in 2017, the evaluator has cut down the time and effort into half and has forged a new way for students to shortlist US universities.

The founders of GyanDhan, Mr. Ankit Mehra and Mr. Jainesh Sinha took special care to develop the tool to help confused students, having gone through the same experience for their higher education. Built through the initiative of thousands of students who contributed their admit-related data willingly through surveys, the evaluator is quite effective and immensely helpful. Another innovative and distinctive feature of this evaluator is that it is specially designed after analyzing the acceptance rate of Indian students in foreign universities and the results are given after factoring the same. Most evaluators take the acceptance rate of students globally. This customization makes the tool convenient to assess the Indian applicant’s likelihood of admission.

Easy to use with highly structured results, to compute the chances for admission in various US universities the student has to first enter their basic details like Email and phone number. After which they input their GRE scores followed by Language Proficiency Test scores, their undergraduate GPA, and the highest GPA in the class. Student’s undergrad details like institution, course and year of graduation are asked. Additional information like target course, the preferred term (fall/spring), the target year of enrollment, and dream schools are the last details the students enter. After computing the details mentioned, the tool provides a list of 12 colleges categorized into Safe, Moderate and Ambitious Schools along with the probability of admission in these schools.

Profile Evaluator goes above and beyond any other tool in the market by providing information like Percentile (that is, your rank amongst past successful admits), Major wise university rank, class percentage, GRE quant median, and GRE verbal Median. This information helps students work on the profile and assess their chances of admission to their target college. Students have access to information like where they stand in terms of previous applicants.

Furthermore, the tool highlights the weak points of the profile to help students improve it before applying to the target university. The guidance provided by the tool whether to retake the GRE or not and other areas that need improvement is beneficial to the prospective students as it increases their chances of admission in their preferred colleges. Students can send the results to their mail for future reference.

Right now the tool computes admission possibilities only for the universities in the US but the work is in progress to include as many universities of various other countries students choose for their education. Continuous innovation and improvement are a must for technological advancements and so GyanDhan is working to find relevant data on the relationship between research publications and work experience with increasing the chance of getting admission. The tool is a blessing for candidates who are clueless about the universities they should apply to and baffled about their prospects. Even applying to these universities is expensive for Indian students, so in this case, the tool is a major help. Students helped by GyanDhan for financing their higher education found this tool quite handy to filter out the colleges for application. This tool, however, is free to use by anyone.

Aman Jain

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