UCW Newswire Business News Brief 2.24.20

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Wells Fargo will pay $3 billion to settle investigations into its long-running scam that had company employees opening millions of bogus bank accounts in order to meet unrealistic sales goals.

Since the fake-accounts scandal was revealed in 2016, the San Francisco-based bank has paid out billions in fines to state and federal regulators, reshuffled its board of directors and seen two CEOs and other top-level executives leave the company. Analysts expect up to 20,000 layoffs as the bank attempts to recover from the fake accounts scandal and other abusive practices that since came to light


The TurboTax owner Intuit may acquire the personal-finance portal Credit Karma in a $7 billion deal this week, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Intuit is expected to announce the acquisition as early as Monday, sources familiar with the arrangement told the Journal. The move would be the largest purchase Intuit has made in its 37-year history.

Credit Karma would still function as a standalone business with its CEO Kenneth Lin remaining at the helm, sources told the Journal.

More than 85 million Americans use Credit Karma to better understand and improve their credit scores. The startup makes money through credit cards and loan referral commissions. Intuit is the maker of TurboTax, the online tax filing service used by millions of Americans to file taxes.


Burger chains have come a long way, now offering a wide array of options for all, no matter your dietary preference.

Take the meatless Whopper. It turned heads and left taste buds curious.

Now Burger King has introduced the Chip Butty, a patty-less sandwich with french fries, mayo and ketchup wedged in between two buns.

The inspiration behind the new sandwich came from a happy “culinary accident” with one of the chain’s chefs, according to a message Burger King New Zealand posted to its Facebook page earlier this month. With that accident, in came the idea for the Chip Butty and Chip Butty with bacon.

It’s only available to New Zealand customers right now for $2 ($1.27 USD), and it’s unclear if it will make its way to other markets in the future.


The Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack advertised on the restaurant’s fan club site comes with six individually scented candles, each made to remind you of a specific Quarter Pounder ingredient: beef, bun, cheese, pickle, ketchup, and onion. If you’re partial to just one of those lip-smackers, light just one candle at a time, or “burn together for maximum deliciousness.”

Each candle burns for about 25 hours. “There’s no better smell than 100% pure North American fresh beef and a perfect combination of topping,” the chain notes in a release. Today notes that Mickey Dee’s is also offering other limited-edition Quarter Pounder swag, including mittens, a bumper sticker, a calendar, and a heart-shaped locket. CNN notes the focus on the Quarter Pounder is to celebrate its nearly half-century place on the McDonald’s menu. The only drawback of the candle set? It appears to be sold out at the moment on the McDonald’s site; it’s not clear if they’ll be replenishing the inventory.


Musk confirmed the feature in a series of tweets that mentioned the Cybertruck’s laser blade lights and 82″ width. “Yes, will also show real-time changes to max acceleration, braking, cornering, speed on gradient & range, latter factoring in route elevation changes & cargo or tow mass & drag impact,” Musk wrote.

Knowing how the Cybertruck is performing, be it while towing cargo or not, having access to vital information in real-time will allow the driver to make necessary adjustments to ensure a safe and optimal driving experience. The real-time data will be crucial in helping the driver plan a tight turn, execute an overtake maneuver with a heavy payload, or plan for negotiating steep downgrade with cargo in tow. Any additional load on the Cybertruck, or on any vehicle for that matter, can impact how the vehicle responds to braking, turning, or even parking. Of course, another big consideration will be how the extra load will impact the Cybertruck’s range.

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