June 21, 2024

Fintech Company Zoe Financial Celebrates 3 Years as a Leader in the Wealth Management Industry


Zoe Financial today celebrates three years empowering consumers to find the best and most trustworthy financial advisors.

“The wealth management industry is deliberately opaque and confusing for the consumer,” says Zoe’s founder and CEO Andres Garcia-Amaya. “Over my 15-year Wall Street career, I’ve found that much of the industry relies on incentives that aren’t aligned with the consumer. Many advisors receive kickbacks for selling products that their clients don’t need. There isn’t a high bar for advisor expertise and qualifications, which makes finding the right advisor nearly impossible for consumers.”

Over the last three years, Zoe has built a one-of-a-kind digital marketplace that transforms the broken wealth management experience. Zoe helps consumers sort through the fog by helping them select an advisor that is unbiased and qualified to be managing their wealth and financial wellbeing Marie Chandoha, Charles Schwab Investment Management’s former President and CEO and Zoe’s Advisory Committee Board member and investor, expressed, “The wealth management industry is ripe for new solutions that allow the consumer to find, hire and collaborate with their ideal financial advisor while effortlessly navigating between the digital and the physical world.”

It’s difficult to find a highly competent advisor that works in their clients’ best interest while understanding their unique wants and needs. Andres said, “Consumers choose Zoe in their search for a financial advisor because they trust our robust advisor due diligence process, which only admits the top 5% of advisors. Additionally, we streamline and make the discovery and hiring process enjoyable.” From removing friction points to providing transparency, Zoe empowers consumers with a high-touch, delightful digital experience.

The Registered Independent Advisors (RIAs) in Zoe Financial’s Network manage over $320 billion in aggregate assets under management (AUM), a noteworthy 790% yearly increase. “The global pandemic has accelerated digital adoption of Zoe’s service by both consumers and advisors,” said Andres. The RIAs in the network represent over 2,000 independent advisors, giving Zoe the ability to tap into incredible quality at scale. By always keeping an eye towards providing a best-in-class consumer experience and conducting rigorous advisor vetting, Zoe Financial provides consumers with access to the best advisors nationwide.

Zoe’s three years of strong execution have attracted investors, most recently raising $6 million of capital. According to Chris Jones, former co-CEO of Blackrock’s Global Active Equities and Zoe Advisory Board Committee Chairman and investor, “The incredible traction that Zoe’s team and product have shown in the last three years is just the beginning. Zoe has set the foundation to be an industry-defining leader in the decade to come.”

Learn more about Zoe Financial at https://www.zoefin.com .

About Zoe Financial

Zoe Financial was founded with one mission: to empower consumers to make better financial decisions. The company’s algorithm removes the friction from choosing a financial advisor, offering a technology-driven marketplace that provides matches based on your unique financial objectives and connects you with Zoe Certified Financial Advisors across the United States. Zoe’s thoughtfully curated network of the best independent, fiduciary, commission-free financial advisors and financial planners includes only the top 5% in the country.

Contact: [email protected]

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