July 25, 2024

ZECUREHive is a division of Megahoot, an innovative and diverse American software and technology company that has a primary focus on proprietary advanced Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Collaboration platforms.

ZECUREHive is the Artificial Intelligence division that incorporates Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and Facial Detection/Recognition into its software systems. These systems will provide solutions for businesses, municipalities, educational institutions and more.

The innovative platforms that are being developed by ZECUREHive include:

ZECUREHive Social Distance Monitor, which includes face detection, mask detection, people count and other features. This will help to keep micro, small through large businesses in compliance with current or future social distancing guidelines. It protects the end user as it can be an asset in keeping them in compliance with video proof to avoid costly fines and keep consumers safe. Simple and easy to use, works with most any IP Camera system.

ZECUREHive Buildings Monitor, which includes face detection, mask detection, people count, weapons detection (over 20,000 types) and as an option facial recognition for entry into the building. This platform can be customized for a user to incorporate other plugin features that will be offered by ZECUREHive as well as branding options.

ZECUREHive Industrial Monitor, which includes face detection, mask detection, can be customized to include uniform detection, special gear detection to keep workers in compliance, worker check in which replaces time cards, code punching and ID scanning for a contactless and time saving process. Worker count and station monitoring is also an option for auto, aviation and other types of manufacturing plants who seek to add ease and efficiency to their work environment.

ZECUREHive is currently embarking on projects that include augmented reality and virtual reality that will seamlessly incorporate into certain collaboration and gaming platforms within the Megahoot ecosystem. The platforms will also incorporate versions that will be accessible to other platforms outside of the Megahoot ecosystem, creating an additional revenue stream for the company.

For more information please go to www.zecurehive.com

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