Celebrating Hollywood’s Biggest Night: SalTerrae To Be Included In Top 25 Nominees’ Gift Bags


Marketing Agency Distinctive Assets will present their “Everyone Wins” independently assembled, lavish swag bags for the 19th year to the Top 25 Academy Award Nominees on Sunday, April 25th. This season, the 6-figure custom gift bags are embracing diversity, inclusion, health, and philanthropy, and will be featuring a Trio Set of the first Food-Grade, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Intimate Oils by SalTerrae.

SalTerrae, a female-founded company, seeks to create healthy, sustainable, and inclusive products that are driven by pure love and respect for their diverse local and global communities. With the unique mission of cultivating togetherness, SalTerrae aims to inspire meaningful connections with pure pleasure.

Their Intimate Trio Box features all 3 of their sensation-evoking oils — Desire, Allure, and Passion –which are uniquely infused with extra plant terpenes evoking 3 distinctive, intoxicating sensations.

Desire is infused with organic oils ylang-ylang and frankincense, promoting a calming and instant aphrodisiac effect, Allure is infused with a hint of spearmint and black pepper that evokes a warming and cooling sensation, while Passion is infused with a hint of cinnamon that evokes a warming sensation.

The true beauty of SalTerrae’s Intimate Oils lies in its distinctive mission to create products that are safe and inclusive for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. As the first food-grade intimate oil infused with plant terpenes, SalTerrae is vegan, organic, sustainable, and, of course, cruelty-free, making them lickable, kissable, and meant to be explored anywhere one chooses.

Because of their known diverse health benefits, SalTerrae believes hemp-infused products are the future of wellness and will eventually become as common as veganism. Progressive health and wellness companies will look towards natural and clean ingredients, especially when it relates to products intended for intimate use, and SalTerrae is paving the way.

About SalTerrae Intimate Oils

All SalTerrae pamphlets and boxes are made from linen, a product of the flax plant, which grows naturally, with ease, making it highly eco-friendly and the perfect, sustainable packaging for SalTerrae. Each oil is beautifully packaged in dark, almost unbreakable double glass European bottles – made in Europe, not China – which preserve potency and extend their shelf life. The broad-spectrum hemp in SalTerrae’s intimate oils is organically farmed and the certificates of analysis for each product are available on their website.

You can follow SalTerrae on Instagram @SalTerraeShop

About Distinctive Assets

Distinctive Assets is a Los Angeles-based niche marketing company offering celebrity placement, product introduction, and branding opportunities within the entertainment industry and beyond.

“Everyone Wins” is a private promotion independent of any affiliation with the OSCARS® or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, which does not award, sponsor, endorse or provide these gift bags.

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