June 21, 2024

CenterPrime presents Korea Heritage and History NFT at the Chainlink and Unesco Hackathon


From March 15th to April 11th, 2021, Chainlink Hackathon Spring 2021 was successfully conducted. With the prize money totaling $138,000 and the teams totaling 758 along with the participation of UNESCO, there was a lot of attention on this Hackathon. UNESCO, founded in 1945 by the United Nations, is known for promoting international cooperation through educational, scientific and cultural exchanges between various countries. UNESCO is known to manage and preserve the world’s heritage and is in line with the major theme of ‘Social Impact Prize’ for the ‘Chainlink Hackathon Spring 2021’.

At this Hackathon in which UNESCO participated, CenterPrime presented the “Korea Heritage and History NFT,” which protects and preserves world heritage sites and closes the digital education gap. The purpose of the presentation was to record and manage information about valuable heritages around the world through the blockchain NFT, which is irreversibility and irreplaceability.

A representative of CenterPrime who participated in the “Korea Heritage and History NFT” project said, “The existing cultural and natural heritages of the world are valuable only in their existence. Even those of us living in the present day look at the heritage to obtain various, important information, and sometimes to prove important historical facts. However, due to environmental pollution, war, and disaster, the heritage is being damaged. We have a duty to provide clear and accurate information about our heritage to our future descendants. In order to do this, we carried out the “Korea Heritage and History NFT,” a smart contracting project through NFT technology in order to safely preserve and deliver the heritage.”

CenterPrime stated, “Through this project, we can study information on Korea’s long heritage and history of 5,000 years, anywhere in the world, and through donations, we can preserve heritage. We presented a way to bridge the digital education gap and through public chain and inter-chain side chain technology, we built a heritage content IPFS chain, and connected the existing blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polkadot to NFT tokenize information on various heritage assets. Through this, we hope that the heritage of the world will be protected, preserved, and passed down to our descendants. Furthermore, it will be the beginning of a new industry that connects content in various formats with blocks.

Detailed information on the ‘Korea Heritage and History NFT’ project and information on CenterPrime can be found through the following following links.



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