New Technology Ensures Valuable Ownership of Collectibles will be Securely Recorded on the Blockchain


Beyond Protocol, a new blockchain project currently operating in stealth mode with plans to launch this fall, announced the first-ever application of their cutting edge blockchain-ledger technology within the field of rare collectibles. Through a partnership with BRKRZ and Beckett Collectibles, LLC, (“Beckett”) select winners of valuable sneakers and ultra-rare trading cards at tonight’s National Sports Collectors Convention will be able to have their wins recorded securely on the blockchain, and probabilistically unable to be modified, through Beyond Protocol’s blockchain-ledger technology.

To launch this technology, Beckett and BRKRZ are set to host a live box-break event at tonight’s National Sports Collectors Convention, where Miss Global USA and Beyond Protocol Spokeswoman Maurah Ruiz will unveil two valuable pairs of sneakers owned by acclaimed UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, who holds the record for the fastest knockout in the Octagon. Two winners of these sneakers will have their wins recorded securely on the blockchain through Beyond Protocol’s blockchain-ledger technology, rendering these recordings probabilistically impossible to be hacked or modified.

After the sneaker event, Beckett will grade ultra-rare trading cards as part of a separate box break with Masvidal and the winners of those valuable cards will have their wins recorded through Beyond Protocol’s technology. The MMA star has multiple parallel and autograph cards in the highly collectible set.

“Our team is thrilled to unveil our first-ever use case of our groundbreaking technology, especially in the exciting world of rare collectibles,” said Jonathan Manzi, CEO and co-founder of Beyond Protocol. “With nearly limitless possible uses of our code, this is the first of many industries we plan to bring an unseen level of security and transparency through our blockchain technology.”

To learn more about the unique technology behind this event, check out Manzi’s latest explainer video here.

About Beyond Protocol:
Beyond Protocol is a distributed ledger technology project that offers a secure and probabilistically un-hackable solution to inter-device/Internet of Things (IoT) communication. With one line of code, Beyond Protocol’s platform enables secure message brokering between devices through the utilization of blockchain technology and unique hardware signatures, and equips devices with a cryptocurrency-based payment gateway for automated, behind-the-scenes transactions. Beyond Protocol seeks to build real, practical solutions for device security and payments within an economy of machines.

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