NFT Battle Game ZooRena Launched by ZooKeeper


From what we have heard, ZooKeeper, a decentralized application that has been built on the Wanchain backbone, has launched an app where their users can earn crypto as they play the game. Wanchain is a distributed ledger tech that allows for cross-chain transactions and interoperability of multiple chains. They are stating that they are giving their users a unique experience by adding gamification to their yield farming app.

It seems as though users can earn crypto as they play but lets leave the value of this to the general public.

Here is an excerpt from their press release explaining what they have:

What Is ZooRena?

ZooRena is a unique, interactive battle game in which two opposing clans from different ZooKeeper mascots will battle once a week. Participants choose which clan they would like to support, and add some extra strength to their chosen clan by attaching an NFT to boost their clan’s chances of winning. Additionally, in-game events will be made available to wager upon, with numerous possible outcomes.

ZooRena was created with the main purpose of entertaining ZooKeeper’s community by enabling interaction between the ZooKeeper dApp and the Telegram group channel. Applicants can discuss their favorite team, what NFT to apply for battle, their wagers, strategies, and more. ZooRena will add a new dimension to gamification, allowing further room for positive and constructive interaction within the community.



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