June 13, 2024

The Keto Community Club to Launch on MegaHoot Soapbox


The Keto Community Club is set to launch on MegaHoot Soapbox and is free to join. The Community Club is for anyone interested in learning about Keto or sharing their knowledge about Keto, getting  additional and useful information as well as sharing it, trading recipes and more. There will be an interactive chat where community members can chat in real time, share ideas, give input, connect with likeminded people and help the Keto community.

The Community Club Chat will be robust and allow for image, video and file sharing, stickers specific for the club, video events and much more.

The community will also feature a marketplace offering products and services from the community.

The Keto Community Club will allow its members to actually offer products and services in the marketplace to the general public as well.

Visit the public profile at: https://megahoot.net/user/keto




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