AMC Apes Will Have A New Tool In Their Investor Toolbox


The shakeup of how investors are not staying silent while public companies do what they want to and institutions reap the rewards is not going away. Investors are looking for a voice and platforms like Reddit and Twitter have given them that voice but now there is something that can be added to their toolbox that will take this movement to another level.

The “AMC Apes” as they are called have done something that no other group of investors where able to do and that is first impact the stock price in a major way and second get the full attention of a CEO. The rise of the Apes will not solely be about AMC but more and more retail investors will want to be a part of movements like this which can make a company stronger and in turn enrich the investors longer term.

As long as they get the attention of the powers that be in a public company then they will have a mutually beneficially situation.

Now enters MegaHoot Technologies with Soapbox, Soapbox itself is a club community platform that allows people to come together in a virtual club setting to have an open chat on various topics such as fitness or food but the interesting thing is that they are creating a venue where public companies and investors can come together in a number of ways, much different than anything out there. Best part is that it’s free for the company and the investors to use.

“Publicly traded companies and investors can come together to make companies better, have an open line of communication between investors and public companies like never before. Hold investor conferences, updates, interactive chat, build a community and put the investors in the mix. ITS FREE!!”

So how great would it be to be a part of a live community where everyone has a voice, they can pick the topics they want to be a part of and the public company’s community club they want to be involved in. The CEO’s can conduct video addresses to the members of that community at will, can really listen to them in a way that isn’t clutter with nonsense.

CEO’s can share pics, videos, audio and more, share on demand photos and pictures for the investor community to feel like they are really a part of the process and that is what it’s all about.

This will be ready to go by Monday November 15, 2021 and politicians, companies, content creators, pro athletes, recording artists and others are lining up and waiting for the gates to open so that they can build their communities. So if you go there now all the features won’t be live until that date.

Now the Community Clubs from what is understood will be created as requested and the public company itself will have full access to communication with investors. Investors join for free and just help build it and make their voices strong.

Same goes for voters , politicians will be able to do the same and the voters can build those communities strong.

Just go to to learn the basics and go to to get involved with the community club for whatever stock you are interested in. It’s going to be a powerful resource for the investment community.



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