April 22, 2024

Novel US Organizational App for Dating Provides Safety Features to Protect 50 Million App Users


In the US, there are currently over 50 million users of dating apps. That’s a huge number of potential matches out there, and each new match brings with it the added risk of meeting in person. Will the person you meet be the same as the one you’ve been speaking to online? Are they dangerous? Are you safe? Thankfully, now there is a way to minimize the risk: My Little Black Book.

The dating productivity app launched in August this year and is the brainchild of co-founders Billie Prisby and Melissa Gross. The pair had one mission in mind when they first started – organizing all their dating apps and curating customized dates on one platform to eliminate the faux pas associated with online dating, but the pair quickly discovered that as well as being organized, safer casual dating and safety when looking for a life partner is a real concern for US daters.

In the US, 21% of women and 9% of men say that they feel unsafe when going on their first date. My Little Black Book wants to minimize these safety concerns.

My Little Black Book has a range of safety features that aim to make its users feel safer using their favorite apps for dating. The first is a ‘safety check-in’ system that allows users to send their location, who they are on the date with, and how long they are expected to be in the date to a safety contact they added into the MLBB app. When the date is over, the user can ‘check’ out again, updating their safety contact with their current location or the location that they’re traveling to next.

The Pew Research Center noted in 2020 that 30% of US adults use online dating apps, but many users – “particularly young women – report being harassed or sent explicit messages on these platforms.” An added layer of protection could be to use Incognito phone number.

This My Little Black Book in-app purchase provides the user with a burner phone number so potential suitors can message and ring that instead of their actual phone number until they feel comfortable providing it. This allows the user the possibility of keeping their personal life separate from their dating life without having to change numbers if things go wrong.

For those wanting to go even further, an in-app purchase allows users to vet potential dates using dating background checks. These detailed checks are some of the most in-depth background checks available to the market and aim to eliminate catfishing and scam accounts from websites and in-app dating.

When combined with an exciting new future update – the PANIC BUTTON feature, users will have touch button access to alert trained safety personnel to assess the situation if things go wrong. The safety personnel are highly trained to know when to contact the police to ensure MLBB users’ safety. The PANIC BUTTON feature will have access to 911 dispatch coast to coast and use location information provided by the MLBB to dispatch police swiftly to their location.

To Date Safer, users can get the app for FREE exclusively on Google Play Store.

Contact info:

Billie Prisby | Melissa Gross

My Little Black Book®

7777 Glades Road Suite 100

Boca Raton, FL 33434

(561) 245-4600

[email protected]

Web: www.mlbb.rocks


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