June 23, 2024

Pxierra is launching world’s first non-contact heart rate & breathe rate measurement AI baby monitor


Pxierra is excited to announce the launch of its innovative AI Baby monitor. This new device is designed to provide non-contact heart rate and breathing rate measurement, making it easier and more convenient for parents to keep track of their newborns’ vital signs.

Pxierra is committed to providing parents with the latest technology to help them care for their newborns. For more information about Pxierra and its new AI monitor, please visit website www.pxierra.com

Revolutionary contactless monitoring technology

The constant evolution of AI algorithms has ushered in a new era of neonatal nursing technologies. Recently, Chinese tech startup Pxierra innovatively applied AI algorithm to it’s baby monitor. The Pxierra AI monitor integrates advanced edge computing visual perception system. It provides a non-invasive way to measure heart rate and breathing rate without relying on additional sensors or microwave radar,which is harmless for newborn. Additionally, the monitor features a sleep tracker and activity monitor to help parents better understand their baby’s sleep patterns and overall health.

Data privacy will no longer be a concern for most parents

The installation of home surveillance cameras comes with many potential privacy trade-offs that could be quite impactful. Some systems collect sensitive data on children, leaving homes vulnerable to potential cyberattacks. It is worth mentioning that the newly released Pxierra AI baby monitor adopts the Edge-computing and P2P communication system. It is groundbreaking because it offers image perception computing that is completely independent and doesn’t require any web video/audio streaming distribution. This is a huge accomplishment because it means that the system can be run on the monitor chips without collecting any images or sounds from the device outside. Only authorized users themselves can access the encrypted content.

Made by fathers, for beloved babies

Pxierra Ai was established by a group of fathers who had over ten years of research and development experience in computer science and neonatal clinical medicine. When seeking a baby monitor for their newborn, these science geniuses found that no product was the perfect fit. So they decided to create a monitor that would meet all the needs of their child from an early age.

It has been four years since the inception of the Pxierra Ai Baby Monitor, and their children have grown up alongside it. “we hope that this product – full of love and technology – can bring health and safety to more babies, and also provide a feasible solution to relieve the anxiety of newborn parents. ” said Daniel, CEO of Pxierra.

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