July 23, 2024

LiveMe’s Newly-Released Slogan Shines the Spotlight on Individuals


LiveMe’s Annual Ceremony took place on December 17th in Los Angeles, CA. Yuki He, LiveMe founder and CEO, made a speech at the ceremony and released a new slogan: My Stage, My Crowd.

Yuki explained the new slogan, in LiveMe everyone is extraordinary, everyone is a shining star, and everyone can have their own world. LiveMe provides a stage for everyone to show their talents, and everyone can make new friends, get recognized, and have support from the LiveMe community.

To deliver this mission, in the future, LiveMe will do its best to achieve three goals, which are enhancing user experience, building a closer community, and establishing partner ecology. Yuki said, “LiveMe will build more creative product experiences and services, bringing more happiness to LiveMe users. While improving the basic experience, we will try metaverse virtual scene avatars, as well as more interesting live broadcast forms and interactive games Live.”

Founded in 2016, LiveMe always puts users first from day one. Many creators are awarded at the annual ceremony and are recognized by the LiveMe community. Among the creators, there are Uber drivers, single moms, students, housewives, business people, and so forth. LiveMe enables each and every one to have an opportunity to be seen and recognized by others.

Yuki and her team believe that they are doing the right thing to bring value to people’s lives. They will continue to connect users with each other and let users make more friends through all kinds of online and offline activities, and at the same time, build a larger partner ecology, helping more talented and hardworking creators realize their dreams and careers on LiveMe.

About LiveMe

Headquartered in Singapore, LiveMe runs in over 200 countries and regions with offices in America, MENA, and Asia. LiveMe America was registered in Los Angeles, taking a key role in operating American creator businesses and local events.

For the past 6 years, LiveMe has been recognized by major media and app stores. Fast Company listed LiveMe as one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2018. Samsung Galaxy Store awarded LiveMe “Best Entertainment App” in 2020.

Nowadays, over 3 million creators are active in the LiveMe community. They create diverse content and build bridges connecting people from all over the world. Everyone has a stage to show their talents, make international friends and gain income.

In 2017, LiveMe fundraised on its own from outside venture funds, including Matrix and TPG. In September 2019, LiveMe was deconsolidated from Cheetah Mobile, which no longer holds any controlling power over LiveMe.

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