Yovivo.com Launches AI Travel Bot Making Yovivo Your Travel Agent, Tax Advisor and Personal Assistant In One


Yovivo.com, the extended-stay booking engine aimed at digital nomads, remote workers, and extended stay vacationers, has launched the Yovivo Artificial Intelligence Bot. The platform is making use of the hugely popular Artificial Intelligence technology ChatGPT 4 API in order to help users find the best location for their stay, based on their highly targeted needs.

“Travel AI shouldn’t be limited to chatbots and itinerary planning. We’re leveraging this technology to suggest suitable travel locations on the basis of complex requirements which would take a human hours of research but takes an AI just a few seconds. Who knows, you may even end up somewhere totally unexpected, due to the AI having access to information you would otherwise not be able to find. This could open up a whole new world for some people!” says Yovivo CEO Sarah Miller-Benichou.

The Yovivo platform already provides AI-generated destination information to users, such as the weather they might expect and what to pack. Once fully developed, it will be able to answer more dynamic queries such as: “What are the visa and tax requirements for a digital nomad in Portugal?” and advise users on suitable travel locations accordingly.

“The AI system will be able to calculate suitability based on almost unlimited criteria; road quality, availability of public health or school places, visa requirements and leisure possibilities, to name but a few. Users will be able to enter a list of requirements made up of almost anything. For example; vegan restaurant, French speaking high school, skate park, warm weather, low crime, hiking trails, EU work visa, live jazz, dog beach, free public health, family of 3 with teenager and the AI will churn out compliant locations, alongside suitable accommodation options,” says Lead Developer Derek Robins.

“We believe that AI and travel make great companions, and the Yovivo AI is capable of saving our users a great deal of time and arduous research,” continues CEO Sarah.

Additionally, the questions and answers will be stored in a knowledge bank where users can conveniently search past queries and trending topics.

About Yovivo
Yovivo was founded by passionate expats whom have lived in more than 15 countries over the last 15 years. Currently based in Mallorca, an international hospitality hub, it became obvious to them that hotels were adapting their products with extended-stay bookings to become more economically sustainable, not only for their business growth but also in response to the growing trend of remote workers and digital nomads.

Historically these nomads were mainly using private home rentals, but recent trends have shifted, and their preference has now become hotel accommodations. The idea was to create a platform dedicated to global hotel bookings to answer the demand for these types of extended-stay accommodations at reasonable rates.

Press Contact
Sarah Miller-Benichou, CEO
[email protected]

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