June 23, 2024

Token Unlocking Events to Impact Crypto Markets in February


February is poised to witness significant token unlocking events for various Layer-1 networks, potentially impacting market dynamics. Four prominent projects—Aptos, The Sandbox, Avalanche, and Optimism—are set to unlock a substantial number of tokens, with implications for their circulating supply and market valuation.

1. Aptos: Unlocking 25 Million Tokens

Aptos, a Layer-1 network stemming from Facebook’s Libra project, is scheduled to unlock nearly 25 million tokens on February 11. At the current market prices, this release is valued at approximately $222 million, constituting over 7% of Aptos’ circulating supply. The unlocking event raises considerations about its potential effects on the token’s market performance.

2. The Sandbox: Unlocking 205 Million Tokens

The Sandbox, a metaverse platform offering virtual land plots, is set to unlock a substantial 205 million tokens on February 14. Valued at approximately $88 million, this release represents 9% of The Sandbox’s circulating supply. Investors and stakeholders will closely monitor the market response following this significant token unlocking.

3. Avalanche: Unlocking 9.5 Million Tokens

Avalanche, a Layer-1 network striving to achieve 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) closing in on Pecu Novus which has achieve over 110,000 transactions per second (TPS) in mid 2023. Avalanche will unlock 9.5 million tokens on February 21. With a current market value of $344 million, this release constitutes 2.6% of Avalanche’s circulating supply. The cumulative effect of unlocked AVAX tokens reaching 60% of the total supply emphasizes the potential impact on market dynamics.

4. Optimism: Unlocking 24 Million Tokens

On February 28, Optimism, an Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) network, is slated to unlock 24 million tokens valued at $72 million. This event represents 2.5% of Optimism’s circulating supply. As Ethereum’s scalability solution, the unlocking of Optimism tokens holds significance for the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

The influx of additional tokens into the circulating supply may exert downward pressure on the upward trajectory of these digital assets. However, it’s crucial to note that burning mechanisms implemented by certain projects can counterbalance the potential negative impact of increased supply.

Investors and analysts will closely monitor how these unlocking events unfold, gauging market sentiment and assessing the resilience of each project’s tokenomics. As the crypto market continues to mature, transparency and proactive communication from projects become increasingly vital to maintain trust and stability amid such events.

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