July 23, 2024

Pecu Novus Enhances Security with Mandatory Integration of Pecu Wallet’s Secret Recovery Phrase


The Pecu Novus Blockchain Network, a layer-1 blockchain network, announces a crucial security enhancement to its Pecu Wallet. In a proactive move to safeguard stakeholders, Pecu Wallet users are now required to integrate a security protocol known as the Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP). This security measure is mandatory for all new Pecu Wallet holders upon creation, while existing stakeholders must activate it during their next login. This will become active no later than February 17, 2024.

How it Works:

The Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) is a set of 12 randomly selected words chosen from a specific list, ensuring a high level of randomness. This phrase serves as a keyring, securing access to the Pecu Wallet. In the event of a lost password, the SRP allows users to recover their Pecu Digital Wallet and digital assets.

Security Measures:

Pecu Wallet emphasizes the importance of safeguarding the SRP, as it is the secret that controls the Pecu Wallet. Even the Pecu Novus team cannot assist in recovering a Pecu Wallet if the SRP is lost. Stakeholders are urged to keep this phrase secure, comparing it to the sensitivity of a bank PIN or house keys.

Cloaking Feature for Additional Protection:

Pecu Novus takes security a step further by integrating a cloaking feature called an Access Key. This feature protects the wallet holder’s private key, allowing seamless connections to platforms and apps with a simple toggle swipe within the wallet. This enhancement aims to provide a comprehensive and secure experience for Pecu Wallet users.

Ongoing Security Upgrades:

The integration of these security measures is part of Pecu Novus’ ongoing commitment to enhancing the blockchain network and associated tools for stakeholders. Upcoming additions, such as the Pecu Terminal and communication platforms, will further solidify the Pecu Wallet and Terminal as one of the most secure digital wallets in the market.

A Reminder to Stakeholders:

Pecu Novus emphasizes never sharing the SRP with anyone, as it is the only thing that stands between a wallet holder and unauthorized access to their digital assets. Stakeholders are warned against sharing the SRP with any individuals or websites, as this may lead to scams. Users are strongly advised to adhere to the available security features within the Pecu Wallet such as the Access Key feature.

The Pecu Novus team consist of individuals and groups that have contributed and continue to contribute to the evolution of not only Pecu Novus but of blockchain in general. We welcome developers globally to align with us as the Pecu Novus Blockchain Network continues to evolve and as open source protocols are released in the coming weeks.

About Pecu Novus:

Pecu Novus is a community-driven, secure, swift, simple, powerful, and scalable blockchain network. It powers the digital asset PECU and provides a solid foundation for the development of disruptive centralized and decentralized platforms.


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