April 22, 2024

St. Regis Aspen Revolutionizes Hotel Ownership with Cryptocurrency


In a move that continues to prove the world of possibilities through the tokenization of real world assets, the St. Regis Aspen is offering the public a chance to own a share of the luxury hotel through a digital token. Owner Stephane De Baets revealed plans to release 20% ownership to the public, allowing individuals to own a piece of the hotel using digital tokens known as Aspencoins.

De Baets emphasized the innovative nature of this approach, stating, “Four years ago, we decided to innovate in the field of hotel ownership, and we created digital financial instruments that allow anyone to own a piece of this wonderful property.”

These Aspencoins are currently traded on the private exchange platform tZERO, offering a user-friendly investment experience. Prospective investors can open an account and choose to buy in with as little as $100, providing an accessible entry point for a diverse range of individuals. Importantly, each Aspencoin represents genuine ownership in the St. Regis Aspen.

The unique feature of this ownership structure extends beyond mere investment returns. Buyers of Aspencoins stand to receive enticing benefits, including significant cashback on hotel room bookings and luxurious gift bags. This innovative model aims to democratize luxury hotel ownership, allowing individuals to enjoy exclusive perks associated with the St. Regis Aspen.

Stephane De Baets highlighted the simplicity and inclusivity of the process, emphasizing, “You decide to buy as little as $100, $1,000, $10,000, whatever you want, but the beauty is you’re actually a true owner in this property.”

With the Aspencoin currently valued at $1.07, the St. Regis Aspen’s initiative presents an opportunity for individuals to engage in fractional ownership of a prestigious property. The move reflects a broader trend in the cryptocurrency space, where digital tokens are becoming increasingly versatile beyond traditional investments.

Cryptocurrency experts suggest that offerings like Aspencoin provide a unique value proposition, enabling individuals to participate in luxury real estate ventures without the traditional barriers to entry. The St. Regis Aspen’s bold foray into cryptocurrency ownership marks a significant milestone in reshaping how individuals perceive and engage with high-value assets.

The tokenization of real world assets has been growing in utility, in March 2023 the private equity firm FGA Partners released a micro research report outlining how blockchain will foster trillions in value due to tokenization and utility of blockchain technology. The report covers what they feel is the inflection point and it can be measured in billions of users and trillions of dollars in value unlocked. The report can be read here: FGA Partners Report

As the world watches this pioneering endeavor unfold, it raises questions about the future landscape of real estate ownership and the potential integration of digital currencies into mainstream investment practices.

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