Kim Kardashian’s SKKY Partners Faces Hurdles in Early Fundraising Efforts


Kim Kardashian’s foray into the world of private equity with SKKY Partners, launched alongside Carlyle Group veteran Jay Sammons over a year and a half ago, has encountered challenges as the firm navigates its initial fundraising phase.

Despite early excitement surrounding the partnership, SKKY Partners has struggled to attract substantial capital commitments, securing only $121 million in capital through late March, according to federal securities filings. This falls short of the ambitious fundraising targets of $1-$2 billion initially floated during pre-marketing efforts.

The firm’s fundraising strategy involves ongoing rolling closes, with the launch of fundraising activities officially announced in March 2023, but without a set end date. Notably, a significant portion of the capital raised was structured as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for a minority investment in Truff, a company renowned for its truffle-infused hot sauces.

While there are indications that SKKY may have garnered additional funding since the latest securities filings, industry insiders attribute the firm’s fundraising challenges to declining interest among limited partners (LPs) in consumer-focused private equity, exacerbated by a challenging fundraising environment.

Kardashian’s celebrity status, while initially seen as a potential boon for SKKY, presents its own set of complexities. While she possesses a proven track record in building consumer brands, her celebrity status could deter institutional investors wary of associating with high-profile personalities. However, family offices may prove more receptive to SKKY’s value proposition.

Questions also arise regarding the long-term viability of companies endorsed by Kardashian, as her potential exit from SKKY raises concerns about brand continuity and sustainability. Despite assurances from the firm that Kardashian’s role is primarily advisory rather than promotional, investors remain cautious about the implications of her involvement.

Furthermore, Kardashian’s stake in SKKY is held partially by a vehicle named Favorite Daughter Inc., underscoring the intersection of celebrity influence and private equity dynamics.

As SKKY Partners continues its fundraising efforts, it faces the dual challenge of overcoming skepticism surrounding celebrity-backed ventures while navigating a competitive fundraising landscape. With the success of SKKY’s fundraising efforts hanging in the balance, the firm’s ability to address these challenges will shape its trajectory in the competitive world of private equity.

Janine Partis
Financial Desk

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