July 15, 2024

Long-Term Holders of PECU Coins Stand to Benefit as the mChatHive Superapp is Built on the Pecu Novus Blockchain


Long-term holders of PECU coins, the native token of the Pecu Novus blockchain, are in a position where they may be set to benefit as the blockchain network continues to add depth through layer-2 platforms. The recent soft launch of the mChatHive superapp, built on the Pecu Novus blockchain, marks a major breakthrough in encrypted communication and cryptocurrency integration.

mChatHive is an all-encompassing platform offering encrypted messaging, calls, and a peer-to-peer email system known as Mega Mail. The superapp also features mini-apps, allowing developers from brands, small businesses, and groups to build and integrate their applications directly on the Pecu Novus blockchain. This seamless integration is made possible by the Pecu Virtual Machine, which supports a variety of programming languages, including Ethereum’s Solidity, which will be available to all full node validators in July 2024.

One of the standout features of mChatHive is the integrated Pecu Wallet, which facilitates simple, in-app, peer-to-peer crypto transfers. This integration allows a crypto holder to easily share their public key within a chat and also allows them to transfer PECU or other tokens on the network with the press of a button within a chat. This adds significant utility to mChatHive as it scales out, they consider this a building blocks situation where it will be in a constant state of innovation where weekly updates will integrate one feature after another while also taking feedback from the community.

One of the key parts of Pecu Novus is that both centralized and decentralized platforms can benefit from building on the blockchain in some way. The development of layer-2 platforms and integrations into centralized systems could significantly secure those platforms while adding blockchain into the equation with real time on-chain as well as zero-knowledge powered validity proofs. This along side the proof-of-time consensus mechanism that Pecu Novus uses to foster global inclusion just adds to the possibilities.

MegaHoot Technologies, the tech company behind mChatHive, has emphasized the platform’s user-friendly nature and imminent integration of the Pecu Virtual Machine, will be cater to both novices and seasoned professionals, giving them the ability to build and use the system as well as be a part of the growing community. The ability for users to activate mini-apps without downloading them further enhances the platform’s accessibility, as is the case with the likes of any superapp such as WeChat. However this feature on mChatHive promotes seamless communication between brands and their customers in an nonintrusive way, allowing brands to not only build their channel but also to own a MegaHoot Private Club that can be monetized while promoting community building within a community.

The imminent integration of HootDex, a decentralized crypto exchange and Fortis AuctionBlock, a decentralized digital asset marketplace, are two additional key developments. HootDex will enable users to transfer and trade cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer with the press of a button, while Fortis AuctionBlock will allow for seamless NFT and other digital asset transactions to take place, further enhancing the utility and functionality of the Pecu Novus blockchain.

MegaHoot Technologies is opening the door for developers globally to participate in this evolution, fostering a collaborative environment that merges Web2 and Web3 technologies. The greater the community involvement, the more traction and success the platform will achieve, benefiting the entire crypto ecosystem as a whole.

This strategic direction mirrors the path taken by Telegram, which has similarly successfully integrated cryptocurrency features into its platform, proving the viability and demand for such innovations.

These developments are music to the ears of long term PECU holders who have been patiently waiting for these innovations to take place. There is a lot of work yet to be done but the progress to date has been astounding , taking the Pecu Novus blockchain from it’s original archaic state in 2017 to an extremely powerful, utility driven and infinitely scalable blockchain network with A.I. integration today.

It is a great time to be involved in the blockchain space as all of these innovations will continue to foster growth and adoption of so many platforms.

James Cullen
Digital Assets Desk

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