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The UCW Newswire allows for businesses, investor relations groups, public relations groups and media relations groups to submit their press releases, news releases and event announcements. This is a complimentary service.

You can opt to sign up and do it yourself, which has a better chance of being distributed OR email it to us at info at


  1. Add a logo or graphic to accompany your release for greater exposure by clicking the add media button and uploading your graphic
  2. If this is a video release then add your YouTube video by clicking the Add Media button and then click Insert URL, just paste your YouTube URL there and click Insert  into Page. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to space down once in your release to allow room for the video to sit above your release.
  3. Make sure that your title gives a teaser to the content of your release
  4. Add links to your website and social media accounts
  5. Make sure to add your media contact information, without that your release will not be added for distribution
  6. Release are added daily, just make sure they are relevant and use The UCW Newswire to help get exposure for your company, brand, event, movie or book.


There is no daily limit to the number of releases that can be posted but bare in mind that this is not monitored by a robot , this is monitored by a human and we are particular with the content that we will distribute.

Public Relations Professionals feel free to post releases for all of your clients.


Thank you,

The UCW Newswire Team