On this episode of Money Never Sleeps with Louis Velazquez, we are talking about the second wave of the internet which is Blockchain and how now the big players in banking like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank and many others are jockeying for position as custodians for the every growing cryptocurrency market.

Goldman Sachs was dead set against the cryptocurrency market, saying for a long time that it wasn’t a store of value and now that tune has changed. This is BIG news for the crypto market as it is a step in the right direction and should bring a level of comfort to holders of any crypto assets.

The next wave will be the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, Deutsche and other big banks becoming custodians for NFT’s, yes you heard it hear first, I believe that the next wave will bring protection to holders of true one of a kind digital art and master copies of digital music. Having a custodian hold your NFT’s representing digital artwork or digital masters of music will be BIG, now this probably won’t be for your collectible digital baseball cards but I feel it will be for truly original items that the owner has full rights to monetize if they so choose to, or not to.

The digital future is a bright one and when you start hearing people at the retirement home talking about cryptocurrencies and NTF’s, well then you know you’re late to the party.

– Louis Velazquez

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